Project Management, Project Controls and Project Services

Project management is the governance and leadership of a project, monitoring and directing all stakeholder activities with the goal of delivering everything on time and within budget.
Safety is a crucial consideration, schedules and budgets are often very tight, and most modern projects are now executed across multiple continents.
There are a number of different methodologies which may be used, however the most common in oil and gas is the Stage Gate Project Management Process or SGPMP.
Project Managers will lead the discussion on a range of key topics, including process optimization, project design, project management & implementation.
Project services and controls are the processes used to predict and influence the budgets and timescales of a project or program of work. Very data-focused, with the right information presented to the right stakeholders, a strong project controls team can have a huge influence on the delivery and outcome of a project.

Where does it belong in the project lifecycle?

Generally speaking, from the initial exploration until a facility becomes operational, however there is always an on-going need for planners and cost engineers on a producing asset.

Common job titles

Project Services Manager
Project Manager
Project Controls Engineer
Cost Estimator
Data Manager
Document Controller
Project Director
Cost Engineer
Planning Manager
Contract Administrator