Operations maintenance and decommissioning

Operations maintenance and decommissioning

What is it?


In Oil and Gas terms this means making sure that a facility runs safely and efficiently. Offshore this would include platforms or semisubmersible rigs, FPSOs and support vessels. Onshore facilities are wide-ranging, from rigs to pipelines, pumping stations to refineries and everything in between.


Decommissioning is the end-of-life project which involves the dismantling and removal of any equipment or infrastructure. This is often a complicated and expensive process which requires a lot of planning, particularly for offshore facilities.



Where does it belong in the project lifecycle?


Operations and maintenance begins once a project has been commissioned and continues until it reaches the end of its life and is decommissioned. Depending on the facility, this can often be the longest stage of a project with some refineries operating for many decades.


Common job titles


Operations Manager

Production Manager

Refinery Manager

Process Optimisation Engineer

Head of Operations

Maintenance Manager

Operations and Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Engineer

Operations Engineer

Rotating Equipment Engineer

Static Equipment Engineer

Control Room Operator

Electrical Technician

Mechanical Technician

Instrument Engineer

Automation Engineer

Production Technician