Health safety and environment

Health safety and environment

What is it?


Health safety and environment is a series of procedures, programs and systems which aim to foster a culture of safety among employees in the natural resource industry.


Strict guidelines are a requirement for operators worldwide, and are often backed up by company's internal policies.


Where does it belong in the project lifecycle?


As a fundamental concern for all projects, HSE can be and is applied throughout the project lifecycle.


In a project's early stages, social and environmental experts will be involved in assessing the potential impact on the local communities, flora and fauna. These environmental impact assessments are a crucial early hurdle for a project to pass before it can go ahead, and are continuously referred to.


Components and equipment are subject to very rigorous inspections during manufacturing to ensure they meet the detailed specifications of the engineers involved in their design and selection. All of this ensures that they perform as expected, meaning safely.


During construction and across the entire operational life of a facility, HSE inspections and audits will take place to ensure adherence to the relevant guidelines.

Common job titles


Safety Engineer

HSE Manager

Environmental Engineer

Environmental Impact Assessment Specialist

Permitting Coordinator

Social Performance Manager

Safety Case Engineer

Risk Engineer

HSSE Advisor

Technical Safety Engineer

Safety Trainer