Construction and commissioning in Oil and Gas

Project overview

What is it?


The stage of a project where the physical building of a facility happens, be it a drilling rig, and FPSO, a refinery or an offshore survey vessel, and the subsequent starting up of that facility.


Depending on the location of the oilfield, construction of the various elements will happen in different countries before being shipped to the site for assembly, installation and commissioning.


Where does it belong in the project lifecycle?


Some early stage construction can happen if a project happens to be in a remote location, with infrastructure being put in place to enable the drilling and production equipment to be transported to the site.


In the normal scheme of things, construction begins after a project receives its FID and may take several years depending on the size and complexity of the facility.


Commissioning can only take place once the relevant systems have been built and installed, however Commissioning Engineers are involved throughout the process, helping to plan the start-up procedures and working with all the relevant systems engineers.


Common job titles in construction and commisioning


Construction Manager

Site Supervisor

Piping Supervisor

Commissioning Superintendent



Commissioning Engineer

Process Commissioning Engineer

Construction Foreman

Installation Manager

Civil Site Manager

Commissioning Technician

Mechanical Commissioning Engineer