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401 The West Mall Etobicoke, Suite 702
M9C 5J5 Toronto, Ontario

Recruitment Agency in Toronto

Oil and Gas, Mining and Life Sciences Recruitment in Toronto

At Brunel Canada we provide specialist recruitment and contracting services to the oil and gas, mining and life-sciences industries. Our services include overseeing project administration such as visa and work permit applications, client and contractor support, and onboarding.

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While DEI efforts have been crucial for creating a more inclusive and equitable workplace, it is equally important to embrace diversity of thought. This concept centers on the variations in how people think, solve problems, and approach challenges. Are you curious to learn more about diversity of thought and why it is particularly important in the mining industry? Then head over to our latest blog post. The FPSO sector faces challenges such as the energy transition, supply chain constraints, ESG factors, and time management complexities. Having a strategic partner like Brunel by your side to navigate this landscape is crucial. Below are five reasons why Brunel stands out. Shiva, a Brunel specialist, is making strides in this prosperous and promising field as a commissioning engineer at Kuwait’s largest crude oil gathering centre. Continue reading to explore his responsibilities in this role. Pharmaceutical companies play a fundamental role in helping patients and communities, so this rapidly growing industry offers many opportunities for a fulfilling career. We spoke with Brunel specialist Claudine about her impactful role as a pharmacovigilance specialist, her dedication to ensuring the utmost care and vigilance for every patient, and her passion for advocating inclusivity and gender diversity in the pharmaceutical sphere.