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Offshore floating solar holds tremendous promise in driving the global transition to renewable energy. Curious about its benefits, including scalability, efficiency, and environmental impact? Kuwait is making substantial investments in its telecom sector, positioning itself as a significant player in the region’s telecommunications landscape. In the midst of this telecom innovation, Brunel specialist Ancy is working on one of the largest mergers and acquisitions projects for a prominent player in the industry. During our conversation, she shared insights into her educational background and career development. While DEI efforts have been crucial for creating a more inclusive and equitable workplace, it is equally important to embrace diversity of thought. This concept centers on the variations in how people think, solve problems, and approach challenges. Are you curious to learn more about diversity of thought and why it is particularly important in the mining industry? Then head over to our latest blog post. The FPSO sector faces challenges such as the energy transition, supply chain constraints, ESG factors, and time management complexities. Having a strategic partner like Brunel by your side to navigate this landscape is crucial. Below are five reasons why Brunel stands out.