Reasons to partner with us for ultimate project support services

Bearing in mind the demands of shutdown projects, being optimal in forwarding planning, scheduling, budgeting, analyzing, safety, and handover requires a professional recruitment partner.


Brunel empowers you to conquer human resource challenges in the face of competition. We are recognized as a trusted partner for shutdown plants; our recruitment services are available in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Fertilizers, and other industrial sectors.


We distinctly place ourselves to meet the demands of technically certified shutdown/turnaround workforces.

On-demand teams for project support

Gain direct access to technicians with demonstrated shutdown/turnaround experience for your planned/unplanned/breakdown/scheduled projects. The hired project and scheduling team prepares for crucial stages, undertakes project challenges and optimizes at every stage of the project.
You can source an experienced workforce from our wide regional network for Rotary Equipment including Turbines, Compressors, Pumps, Static Equipment, Piping and many more.

Our specialized experience

Our more than 15 years' of experience helps bring you competent shutdown and turnaround employees. Our group of trained specialists executes the following services on-call:
• Erection, Testing, Commissioning & Maintenance of mechanical equipment with specialization in gas, steam, and hydro turbines
• Overhauling / Maintenance services of all crucial prime movers
• Fabrication and Erection of piping, static equipment & tanks
• Supplying technical resources for the Oil & Gas and Power industries

Price, time, and size assessment

In this emerging market, we excel in both large project assignments and small project needs. Alongside our turnaround/Shutdown recruitment services, we form tailor-made service packages amid a defined time frame, resulting in an enhanced technical workforce within budget.

Why Brunel?

Scheduling is a straining process, along with the regulation needed for on-time delivery. Brunel aids in additional areas during Shutdown and turnaround Operations:
• Training & Safety
• Planning
• Logistics Support
• Evaluation

Project service support you can rely on

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