Directing a stellar workforce in the infrastructure industry

The sector is more than just building structures; it centers around people who plan, construct, manage, and maintain it. Our objective is to encourage talent efforts to drive clients progressively to success.
We have the expertise to serve the needs of local and international clients, consultants, large business groups, and contractors for candidate lineup across the globe in this huge cap-ex sector.
We present valuable recruitment and executive search solutions alongside timely infrastructure industry developments to date. This industry knowledge adds value to your business.
You can transform your infrastructure project to an empowered business with our HSE care, human capital employment and operational backing.
Our specialized services can help you achieve many business triumphs:
Serving across borders - Our team seeks skilled manpower around the world to advance your project and offer in-depth recruitment expertise.
Skilled workforce - All around the world, we see higher skill scarcity in the construction sector. We assist you in pursuing top skilled labour, expat employees, and human resources execution in local plus international construction fields for smooth project operations.
HSE standards - Brunel not only accommodates food, travel, and accommodation for the personnel, but also complies with the industry and other HSE standards maintained by your company.
Value-added services - We’re devoted to quickly and accurately filling vital vacancies, as well as assisting you with insurance, relocation & payroll services. 
Diverse projects - Our project handling capabilities and knowledge of overcoming various industry challenges gives us an advantage to source key suitable personnel for the project. The assignments range diversely from building a logistics hub to engineering, transportation, and general construction.

Brunel’s strongest suit is hiring specialized consultants, facilitating you with adequate talent in the following disciplines in Infrastructure:

  • CAD Design & Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Civil & Structural Engineering
  • Health Safety Environment (HSE) and Quality assurance (QA)
  • Project Controls, Management & Engineering

In the Middle East region, our expertise allows us to build a foundation of qualified people to strengthen infrastructure projects of various government and private companies. We have experience in leading hiring for infrastructure job roles, as well as offering a connection to work with well-known employers in the Middle East and globally.

  • Interface Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Electrical Design Engineer
  • Piping Engineer
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • HSE Officer
  • Risk Manager

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