Establish new grounds while working abroad 

In today’s well-connected global market, companies that can offer international opportunities are more likely to retain qualified talent. 
Brunel finds niche, ambitious, managerial-level expats to impact your global management projects so your global business can keep growing. Our recruitment program engages with highly skilled expatriates with an eagerness to take on challenging international assignments.

Our capabilities - Global Recruitment Centre (GRC)

Our team of specialist recruiters in Manchester (UK) use cutting-edge technology and leverage thousands of profiles across various disciplines to identify, attract, and recruit expats from all over the world.

Hiring high caliber talent

Our expat hiring and management approach is more than filling a niche, executive role — it builds long-standing employee/employer relationships. We hire expats who share their expertise while acquiring international leadership skills to boost your business potential.

Offering logistics support with global network

Whether mobilizing an expat employee short-term or permanently, you can capitalize on our large-scale presence in 44 countries. Our local specialists in the host country help with travel & accommodation, visa/immigration forms, medical & insurance coverage and corporate & cultural training.

Helping in business and cultural integration

Every country has its own culture, norms, work ethic, communication style, business strategies, and management unknown to the employee. We help you hire expatriates who can adjust quickly to diverse cultures and business standards so that they can contribute from the start.

Repatriation support

We believe a project is successful only if the staff has happily returned home. Brunel’s experts create a smooth transition plan to their domestic company or help them find another global experience elsewhere. They regularly contact the expats to ease the journey from the mobilization to return.

Committed to run your expatriate hiring

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