Start-Up organizations finalizing funding stages beginning to expand their human capital. Touching all sectors of medical devices from wearables and robotics to imaging and implants. 


  • Sector: Medical Devices
  • Services provided: Human Capital Management for Start-Ups 



Client Challenges

Our client faced an industry gap in Start-Ups between funding and human capital additions, resulting in rapid expansion needs without the resources to find top tier talent, quickly and efficiently.  Our client needed to have their established teams focused on taking their product to market while not losing valuable time to the recruitment process. 



Brunel Solution

Our team of consultants transitioned the recruitment process to our in-house team to remove the risk of losing valuable product development time, advised on initial and necessary department expansion, built out the organizations corporate structure and built real-time, tangible hiring timelines for the future. Our team also worked with well versed candidates in the industry to gain market intel on our client’s reputation, assessed candidates’ level of excitement towards the Start-Ups product as well as gained valuable information on competitors. 

Brunel managed the recruitment process from start to finish, explored further opportunity to expand from a personnel standpoint and brought forth a network of industry experts to give these Start-Ups access to capital investors. Our global presence also gave us the opportunity to introduce our client’s business to foreign partners to build an international brand presence and talent pipeline. 



Core Competencies 

  • Engineering
  • Human Resources
  • Logistics 
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing/Sales 
  • Office Management
  • Product development
  • Software/Hardware Development

Services provided by Brunel

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