Our client is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, focused on manufacturing and delivering drugs to all who need them. 


  • Sector: Pharmaceutical
  • Services provided: Recruitment 


Client Challenges

Our client needed to ensure the completion of clinical trials in multiple new locations. Wanting to both leverage the technical expertise from their core team and ensure local talent was identified and hired quickly. 


Brunel Solution

Our Brunel team delivered globally mobility services to relocate core team members to three new countries. Our local in country recruitment specialist developed ongoing talent pipelines to hire the additional workforce needed for every stage of the clinical trial and to see the trial through completion. 


Through our global network of experts Brunel placed 45 full time CRA’s and delivered the following benefits to our client; mitigated risk, shortened development times and predictable cost. 


Job Categories 

  • Senior Clinical Trial Manager
  • Clinical Scientist 
  • Clinical Trial Document Manager 
  • Clinical Compliance Administrator 
  • Clinical Research Associate 
  • Clinical Trial Associate
  • Clinical Trial Administrator 
  • Project Manager
  • Project Analyst 

Services provided by Brunel

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