A large-scale global medical and pharmaceutical device company focused on infusion therapy and pain management both in homes and hospital, operating in over 60 countries. 


  • Sector: Medical Devices
  • Services provided: Permanent/Direct Recruitment 



Client Challenges 

Given the nature of patient-centric work our client had the unique challenge of finding specialist with high technical competency requirements and emotional intelligence for the commercial side of their business. 



Brunel Solution

Brunel provided a dedicated recruitment team to map the US and Germany markets. The talent pipeline included 300 pre-qualified candidates based on location and technical qualifications. Through emotional intelligence matching, we then narrowed down the talent pool further, creating a cultural profile fit for the organization. 


Brunel successfully identified and placed over 30 full time specialists into the organization in the period 3 months.



Job Categories

  • Business Development 
  • Chronic Care Specialist
  • Field Technicians
  • Medical Product Specialist
  • Network Engineer
  • Regulatory Affairs

Services provided by Brunel

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