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  • Closing date: Wednesday, December 6, 2023

About this role: Lead Engineer, Material & Corrosion

Overall Job Purpose:

  • To lead, supervise, and guide Material and Corrosion Engineers in the preparation of Corrosion Assessment and Material Selection Studies for FSO/FPSO facilities (topsides/turret/marine) following Company Guidelines and Standards. The Lead Engineer may be also required to prepare such studies.
  • To lead, supervise, and guide Material and Corrosion Engineers in the preparation of Engineering deliverables associated with Materials and Corrosion discipline during FPSO / FSO projects FEEDs, Detailed Engineering and Execution phases effectively and efficiently according to the specified technical requirements, timelines, and budgets. The Lead Engineer may be also required to prepare such deliverables.
  • To interact with Group Leads at other entities (Proposal Office, Operations, etc.) to discuss and assess lessons learned, root cause investigations, etc. for improvement of Corporate Standards and Philosophies.


  • Support Senior Lead Engineer / Technical Authority participating in the review cycle and preparation of Corporate Standards related to Corrosion Assessment and Materials Selection, Sour Service, Welding, Surface Preparation and Coatings, Cathodic Protection, Piping and Valve Materials, etc.
  • Provide overall supervision, guidance and support to Material and Corrosion Engineers during FEED, Detailed Engineering and Execution phases.The Lead is expected supervise and/or perform work to ensure the work and deliverables are performed/ issued as per Company Standards and Guidelines, as per Project Technical Requirements, with required quality, within budget, and in line with Company Goal of maximizing value to Company and all stakeholders through the life of the facility (i.e. maximize life cycle profit and uptime)
  • Provide Training and Couching to Material and Corrosion Engineers in the areas of corrosion assessment, material selection, coatings, metallurgy, cathodic protection, etc.
  • Interact with Group Leads at other entities (Proposal Office, Operations, etc.) to discuss lessons learned, root cause investigations, etc.
  • Liaise with Operations Integrity Teams to participate in the improvement of Corrosion Monitoring and Chemical Injection Optimization Strategies.
  • Represent Materials Group in key stakeholder (Client / Supplier / Sub-contractor / Class) meetings, reviews stakeholders’ documents / comments and addresses interface/implementation/execution issues and escalates where necessary to ensure that the project proceeds timely and smoothly.


  • Materials & Corrosion Engineering degree at Bachelor or Master degree level.
  • Minimum 12 years (with Bachelor) / 11years (with Master) relevant working experience as Materials /Corrosion Engineer in Oil and Gas Sector.
  • Comprehensive experience in Offshore Oil and Gas Processing Facilities related to corrosion, corrosion mitigation strategies, corrosion monitoring, material selection, surface preparation and coatings, cathodic protection, metallurgy (welding, manufacturing), etc. and comprehensive knowledge of Industry Codes and Standards (NACE MR 0175 / ISO 15156, ISO 21457, ASME B31.3, NORSOK M001, NORSOK M501, etc.).
  • Lead Engineer should be familiar with processing facilities and understand main process concepts involving Oil Separation and Stabilization, Produced Water Treatment, Gas Sweetening and Dehydration, Gas Compression, Seawater Treatment, etc.
  • Software: 1) MS Office 2) ECE (corrosion model) (preferred) or equivalent corrosion model


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Anything Else?

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