Future Mobility Projects

Autonomous parking

Temporary personnel services

  • Development of a sensor network comprising 3D sensors (stereo cameras and lidar sensors) for automated valet parking
  • Compliance with the IEC 61508 and ISO 26263 standards
  • Information from the sensors: Recognition of the vehicle to be steered and obstacles in the way, identification of the car’s position and the direction in which it is facing

Exhaust gas turbocharger

Temporary personnel services

  • Planning, implementation and analysis of endurance testing for turbochargers on a BK8 hot-gas test rig
  • Completeness testing and conduct of the endurance test
  • Assembly of the test unit on the hot-gas test rig after connecting it to various measuring points
  • Documentation of the condition of the test unit after endurance testing

Whole-vehicle testing

Work contract

  • Multi-axial fatigue strength testing for an entire vehicle
  • Creation of a tri-axial load state for
  • Vertical wheel forces, cornering forces, motion forces and braking forces
  • Feed-in from real-time collectives
  • Test rig set-up with the following components:
  • 120t seismic concrete foundation, air-sprung
  • hydraulic units (90 kW + 50 kW)
  • servo-hydraulic 63kN cylinders

Crack detection

Work contract

  • Detection and monitoring of cracks during fatigue strength testing on an entire vehicle
  • Deployment of a camera system: Two cameras that identify the origin and course of cracks and can actively intervene in test control

Man looking at testing of auto

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