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We believe that everyone who can and wants to participate in the labor market should be given the opportunity to do so. Brunel has the ambition to help people on the autism spectrum find meaningful employment. We support and initiate projects worldwide that make meaningful work more accessible to this talented group.

Martiska Aarts

Prejudice, ignorance, and incomprehension among employers are often the biggest barriers to people on the autism spectrum who are looking for a job. We believe that employers should always choose the best candidate, regardless of whether or not the person has autism.

Maritska Aarts, Founder Brunel Foundation

My journey for education

In December 2020, the Brunel Foundation proudly presented the online premiere of ‘My journey for education’, a unique documentary by Merlijn Goldsack. The livestream was accompanied by a live Q&A session. The foundation supports this documentary about Merlijn because he sets an example for many people with autism. 

Talented drop-out

Merlijn dropped out of school when he was a young boy because of his autism. A youngster with no certificates, depressed because of his situation and suffering from low self-esteem, he nevertheless possessed an undeniable talent. He decided to start filming his journey for education’ that led him to the Netherlands, the USA and Finland. Merlijn’s hard work, perseverance and unique approach come together in this very personal documentary. ‘My journey for education’ aligns with the foundation’s focus on raising awareness of the autism spectrum and unlocking talent.

Watch the full movie here

Trailer My Journey for Education

Autism Awareness Month (April)

The Brunel Foundation believes that everyone who can and wants to participate in the labor market should be given the opportunity to do so. In order to contribute, we need to make a meaningful change that starts with increased awareness.

That's why, every year on April 1 – United Nations World Autism Awareness Day – we kick off a month devoted to raising awareness about autism. Our colleagues around the world organize internal and external events, including inspirational and job application workshops, fundraising events, “wear blue” days, blogs with personal stories, presentations by guest speakers and an Autism Awareness Quiz. 

These initiatives allow us to reach higher levels of awareness and make a genuine impact for people with autism on the labor market. 
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