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Job opportunities for IT professionals

Are you hard-working, diligent, and ready to give your best? Perhaps you’re a Business Developer and want to further your digital efficacy? Whether you are a newbie to information technology, experienced already, or even a tech business developer, there will be an IT role that suits you. IT professionals are required in organizations to maintain digital infrastructures and provide troubleshooting assistance to technical customers. With increasing rates of technical innovations in every sphere of life, the demand for IT professionals is on the increase, creating jobs opportunities in tech business segments with awesome salary package.

Information Technology (IT) as a branch of the Tech Industry

IT has evolved and grown over the years with new innovations, making jobs available and in demand throughout the sector. From telecommunications to computer-aided designs and other cloud driven database developments; technology driven work opportunities have allowed both small players and traditional giants to compete in the industry. The IT industry is one of the most promising ones in the world today; there is high demand for professionals and developers in the technology based digital business belt, which in turn leads to robust job opportunities and handsome salary packages.

Career Opportunities in the IT Sector

Whatever your skills and passions within tech development IT, whether that’s database management, support and service desk staff, web systems, telephony and hardware, software (S/W) or web driven cloud application management, Brunel can support anyone hoping to launch into the IT industry. The opportunities are endless here; but to get the most out of your job search you’ll need an experienced guide, like Brunel..

Requirements for IT Jobs

The minimum requirement for most IT developer jobs is a degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Information Technology or Computer Technology Management. A Masters in a specialized field like Cyber Security, Networking, or Software Application will help enhance your CV. Applicants will gain more advantages with further certifications, such as Certified Data Professional (CDP), Certified Info Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), or a Project Management Professional (PMP). A degree or certifications are essential to land a job in IT, but additional skills like critical and analytical thinking, computer proficiency, application orientation, coding and security enabling, problem-solving, and time management can be a major plus for you too.

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Popular IT Jobs

Software Development and Application Management Systems

Are you a good team player, highly skilled in managing others, and want to oversee a team? If so, then this is the job for you. If you are a professional or application developer at developing s/w, this sector is your ultimate destination!

• Degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering.
• Several years’ experience in the field and in a leadership position.
• Skilled in different programming languages, like HTML, SQL, Java, and Javascript.
• Familiar with both database and application management.

• Delegate duties and supervise the development team.
• Hire and train new database developers.
• Make and deliver reports and proposals to upper management.
• Create a budget and timeline for the database creation project.
• Oversee teams of IT professionals.
• Responsible for coordinating s/w-related activities.
• Developing, testing, and evaluating new programs.

Network Systems, Telephony, and Hardware

To sustain and upgrade their systems and peripherals, organizations are always on the hunt for a networking expert, a Telephony engineer, or a hardware engineer.

• Bachelor in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.
• Certifications will be an added advantage; such as:
     o Cisco Certified Internet Engineer Voice (CCIE Voice)
     o Cisco IP Telephony Certificate
     o Cisco Certified Professional
     o Avaya Certified Implementation Specialist (ACIS)
     o CompTIA
     o WCNA (Wireshark)
• Quality and proven experience in Cloud Networking, telephony, and hardware is essential.

Network installations, maintenance and support for computer communications network.
• Monitor network performance and solve troubleshooting problems.
• Install hardware and software for cloud networks.
• Maintain and configure network services, equipment, and devices.

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Database Management

Do you have a strong understanding of data structures, database developments, and procedures? Wish to take your career to the next level? Organizations that store large amounts of data need your experience and expertise.

• Bachelor in Management Information System (MIS), Computer Science, or Information Technology.
• Quality experience in database management of at least two years.
• Proficient in Structured Query language (SQL).
• Highly skilled in the best practices in database management.
• Organizational and problem-solving skills, leadership skills and attention to detail.

• Database design and database configuration.
• Managing database access, database security, and procedures.
• Using database s/w to manage data, store, and organize data.
• Troubleshooting database problems.

Support and Service Desk

Corporates need IT professionals who can render technical help to users, respond to enquiries, evaluate and resolve issues relating to IT applications and equipment, operating systems, and even on networking. The work opportunities are endless here.


  • Degree in Computer Science.
  • Certifications, such as Comp TIA, ITIL, and MCSA.
  • Communication skills, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities.


  • Ensure no service or work interruptions.
  • Maintaining and documenting service desk data, records and processes.
  • Analyzing s/w data and performance.
  • Resolving client and personnel IT queries via email or phone or at the office.
  • Teamwork.
  • Resolve technical issues.
  • Handle and maintain data or records of issues pertaining to s/w and hardware.


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Expected Salary

The salary will vary based on job profiles and your industry experiences. As a Software or Application Developer you can expect to make between €30K to €50K annually. It’s not uncommon for a well-versed S/W Engineer to earn €60K+ yearly. Talking about a Database Administrator, the salary scale touches €50K to €55K per annum. The median salary of a Hardware and Networking Engineer stands at €4K per month, whereas for a Helpdesk or Support Service Engineer the annual median salary stands at €35K.

Search and apply

With such a diverse range of job opportunities available for IT personnel, one might get confused about what to pick! Pursuing a career in the S/W or Application Development field might seem lucrative, but it won’t offer a true holistic picture. If you already have the required qualification and skills, the next step you need to take in your job search is to simply apply using the “MyBrunel” applicant portal which can be accessed via the “Apply” button on the vacancy pages.