Plastic Free July: A Solution to Plastic Pollution

Use less plastic for a more sustainable future

In July, we're going to help eliminate single-use plastics, one change at a time. By making one small change, you can make a real difference!

Plastic Free July® is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution. It's about learning to make small changes and choosing to refuse the single-use plastics we use every day. Plastic Free July® is a personal challenge that's part of a global effort: for the ocean, for cleaner streets, for a healthy planet. By making one small change, you can make a real difference. And there are so many changes you can try.

Plastic Free July® aligns with the Brunel Foundation's mission to inspire and encourage Brunellers to make sustainable choices when and where they can. Getting started is easy. Start taking notice of the single-use plastic products in your life right now, and look for more sustainable alternatives. All changes we make together on a daily basis, will impact the environment on a global scale. Starting with one habit at a time. Need inspiration? Find out more about the sustainable choices of the Brunel Foundation here

You can also take the Pesky Plastics Quiz on the Plastic Free July® website to discover for yourself all the plastics that ‘sneak’ into your daily routine. By taking the quiz, you will help track trends in the common plastics that households use while also setting yourself up to measure your Plastic Free July® success.

Ready to get started?

You can start out small, or really challenge yourself (and others)! You can take up the challenge via the Plastic Free July® website or do it on your own. The only thing that matters is that you are willing to make a change and get started

It’s all about building new habits! What's your Plastic Free July® choice?

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