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You've just received a Brunel Foundation Sustainable Gift. The Brunel Foundation strives to encourage Brunellers, clients and many others to make sustainable choices, when and where they can. With this gift we'd like to invite you to take action to reduce your environmental footprint.

Making sustainable choices is essentially about building new habits. All changes we make together on a daily basis, will impact the environment on a global scale. One habit at a time. 

People showing sustainable correctbook


As much as technology is integrated into our work environment, paper notebooks are still frequently used. Using a notebook allows you to take a step away from screens and devices. It helps bring your thoughts and creative ideas alive, making a to-do list or an illustrative drawing. Unfortunately, the production of paper places quite a burden on our environment, and most notebooks quickly end up as waste. So let's use a Correctbook instead.

Impact on a yearly basis

  • 300 paper pages
  • 15 kg paper
  • 393 liter of water
  • 1 tree
  • 24 liter of oil
  • 60 kw of energy
  • Supporting Correctbook in their fight against illiteracy

Woman filling sustainable water bottle

Reusable water bottle

Reusable water bottles are, in multiple ways, the best choice! Better for you and our planet. The Brunel Foundation water bottle is sustainable, stylish and functional. It contains no BPA or plasticizers, is dishwasher safe, leak-proof and can be used for soda drinks as well. The cap can easily be attached to the bottle using the loop, so you don't lose it. What makes the usage of the reusable waterbottle even more efficient is that water taps and refill stations are expanding all over the world, from Germany to Brazil, from Australia to UAE. They can be found in bars, companies, restaurants, hotels, shops and public and outdoor spaces. Let’s use to reduce by using the Brunel Foundation waterbottle from Mepal.

Sustainable food container being filled

Bento Bowl

The Bento Bowl produced by Mepal is the ideal solution to store the different ingredients of a meal separately at home, but also to take a takeaway meal without spilling and creating less waste. The introduction of the Bento Bowl at Brunel office also meant that we stopped using the foam trays in which takeaway meals at our Headquarters in Amsterdam were collected. The prepared dishes can be heated in the Bento Bowl with three compartments directly from the refrigerator or freezer in the microwave (note: without lid!). The bowl can be cleaned in the dishwasher after use. With the lid you close it leak-tight, airtight and aroma-tight, so that the dishes stay fresh for a long time and you can easily take them with you on the road. A solution that makes everyone happy.

Woman in office drinking from sustainable keepcup


Who doesn’t like a drink on the go? In the metro, city, car, office or in the park? In general, we all drink these in ‘paper’ cups with a plastic coated layer covered by a plastic lid. The KeepCup is a great alternative to minimize your impact on the planet.

Impact per year (based on 3 coffees to go per week)

  • 150 single use cups
  • 5,53 kg Carbon emission
  • 0,49 kg of plastic
  • 142,17 mj of energy
  • 3,38 kg of timber

Man with canvas Brunel bag at the beach

Canvas bag

Depending on the type of material, it takes up to 500 years for plastic bags to disintegrate, while we normally use them for as little as 15 minutes per piece. On a yearly base 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide. Besides the single use purpose they also have a negative impact on life on land and see, recycling is not possible, they don’t break down in nature and because of the used resources they contribute to the climate change. Every time you use this multipurpose canvas shopper instead of a plastic one, you’ll make a difference.

Girl putting on plastic free sunscreen on her face

Microplastic free and non-toxic sunscreen

Every year tons of sunscreen get into our oceans through sunbathing and swimming. Unfortunately most of these products contain microplastics and toxic chemicals, which can be very harmful to the ocean’s biodiversity. To create awareness and inspire Brunellers to build new habits and make sustainable choices we gifted 100 sunscreen tubes of the brand Naïf to test during Plastic Free July® 2022. If you choose a non-toxic, microplastic free product you take care of your skin and the ocean at the same time. Let’s use to reduce and save the ocean.

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