Permanent Recruitment Solutions

Are you looking for a recruitment agency to help with permanent/direct recruitment solutions? At Brunel, recruiting the right talent for the right job is in our DNA. As an international recruitment and human resources agency, we constantly look for talented candidates that fit your company standards and are willing to grow with your company.

What is permanent recruitment?

Our online recruitment page is updated daily with new vacancies, offering job positions in manufacturing and engineering around the world. We offer permanent/direct recruitment solutions for everyone, whether you are an individual job seeker looking or a company looking for permanent specialists. 

What is permanent/direct recruitment exactly? And what is the difference between permanent and contract recruitment? Permanent recruitment focuses on hiring highly qualified and talented candidates that are willing to grow with your company over time. Permanent recruitment employees have full-time contracts and enjoy the benefits a company is providing. 

Contract recruitment, on the other hand, focuses on bringing in employees on a limited time contract, linked to short-term assignments. Once the assignment is finished, they continue onto the next project. Brunel offers both services, depending on the workforce you are looking for. 

Why hire a permanent recruitment agency?

Recruiting your own permanent workforce can be a very time-consuming and costly undertaking. That is why hiring a permanent recruitment agency to do it for you has many advantages. 

An international recruitment agency will not only save you time and money, but also give you access to highly trained and experienced candidates. 

We have a growing pool of talented job seekers looking for the right opportunity. And while your requirements might be very specific, we are able to shortlist only those candidates that are fully qualified for the job. What’s more, we manage the entire process for you: from screening and profiling to shortlisting the right candidates and benchmarking the correct salary. We take care of everything, including any administrative hurdles.

About Brunel

Brunel specializes in bringing together the best candidates with companies looking for the best expertise. 

Founded in 1975 by Jan Brand, who at that time hired the first engineer in a temporary position, Brunel quickly evolved into an international recruitment company specializing in placing technical professionals with companies who need them. 

Our industries

Over time, the company set up specific units dedicated to different sectors, such as oil & gas, renewable energy, engineering, mining and automotive, but also legal, finance, and insurance and banking. Less than fifty years after its foundation, Brunel now features an international network of 90 offices in over 40 countries.

How Brunel makes a difference

Finding highly qualified and talented candidates for long-term staff positions will always require time and specialized searches — employment markets and opportunities are highly competitive, and identifying the best-in-class is important to grow your business. Our all-inclusive permanent/direct recruitment service covers the entire process, from the initial briefing to the offer and onboarding, saving your company valuable time and money.

Whether it’s a strategic hire or a supplement to your growth strategy, we partner with you to thoroughly understand your business and the traits of the perfect candidate.

Full Ownership of Successful Candidates

Once candidates have been selected and approved, they start working directly for the end client, on their payroll and receiving their benefits. Brunel only receives a one-off fee for the placement.

Guaranteed Time Frame

Depending on the seniority of the position, notice periods and scarcity of the skillset, a permanent recruitment placement process takes up anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months’ time.

Two Possibilities: Contingency and Engaged

Within our permanent/direct recruitment solutions, you have two options: contingency and engaged recruitment. 

In contingency recruitment, we agree on a fixed percentage fee per placement before kicking off the process. This percentage is payable on the day the candidate successfully starts working. In engaged recruitment, a percentage of the agreed fee is paid up-front with the remainder payable upon successful completion of the assignment. If the assignment is not completed, the payment is refunded in full. With fill rates at 85-95%, this option offers a measure of certainty and a full commitment to fill the vacancy.

Market Expertise, People Knowledge

Brunel knows global and local market salary rates, career expectations, available skill sets and current hiring complexities. With our ever-growing pool of applicants, we know where and how to reach the ideal candidates — even the hard-to-find, passive and selective ones.


Other solutions

Contracting & Secondment

Screening, profiling and recruiting temporary employees can be time-consuming and expensive. We manage that process for you, from start to finish, so that you can focus on your business. Our ever-growing pool of experienced consultants and international experience with on- and off-boarding temporary workforces will save you valuable time and money.

Project Management Support

Managing and executing large investment projects can be complex and costly. Brunel has the insight, skills and expertise to ensure your project is executed on time and within budget.

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