Brunel and Specialisterne have partnered!

Specialisterne Foundation and Brunel have signed a partnership to enable people with autism to join the workforce.

Amsterdam/Ballerup, 24 April 2019 - Brunel International and Specialisterne Foundation established a joint global partnership to collaborate on the inclusion of autistic and neurodiverse people in the labour market. Specialisterne Foundation and Brunel will use their own unique expertise and knowledge to promote the advantages of autism in the workforce and include this group of untapped talented people in the workplace.

Too often people with Autism are seen as people with apparent weaknesses. However, these unique characteristics can also be marketable strengths. They often have skills that are very valuable in the labour market. For example, an outstanding memory or a remarkable eye for details. Given a welcoming and quiet environment, their dedication, honesty and new viewpoints can act as a catalyst for a diverse workforce that can improve innovation and resilience.

Thorkil Sonne (Chairman & Founder Specialisterne Foundation):

“Brunel and Specialisterne Foundation are a perfect match. By combining our skill set, network and experience, we can enable many autistic people to find decent jobs and help grow companies. Together, we can make people realize their potential in a welcoming environment.”

Brunel and the Specialisterne Foundation think there are many opportunities to create a more positive attitude towards autistic people in the labour market. To achieve this goal, Specialisterne Foundation and Brunel will focus their partnership on sharing knowledge, generating awareness and eventually include autistic and neurodiverse people in the workforce where possible.

Jilko Andringa (CEO Brunel International):

“Every individual has talents and I’m excited Brunel will start a partnership with Specialisterne Foundation that can help reach our shared goals of enabling work for everyone. I believe that we can connect our capabilities and expertise to reach this goal. Our Brunel colleagues also think this is important and it gives them satisfaction using the knowledge we have as Brunel to help create a more inclusive labour market for autistic people in the countries where we operate. The partnership of Specialisterne Foundation and Brunel supports the Sustainable Development Goal 8 ‘Decent Work and Economic Growth’.”

One of Brunel’s missions is ‘to help create a better future for professionals and a better planet for future professionals’. In addition, that fully supports the goals of Specialisterne Foundation ‘Increase awareness in society of the positive contributions of autistic people’. Brunel and Specialisterne Foundation both believe work is an important part of well-being and purpose in life. Enabling people who want to work to enter the workforce is something that both organisations find is a core aspect of their culture.