Automotive Recruitment

Automotive recruitment and workforce services for the mobility of tomorrow

New innovations are bringing fierce competition to the auto industry — to keep up, you need the most ambitious engineers on your team. Brunel recruits and sends talented specialists to your global projects while covering all the details, so you can focus on remaining competitive, not on recruiting.

Our global network of engineers, IT specialists, technicians and managers provide the expertise you need for your most ambitious automotive projects to thrive.

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Automotive Industry: The Challenge

■ Growing competitive pressure: with so many new players in mobility innovation, companies must find new ways to build vehicles

■ Transformation is essential: established, long-standing value chains must transform to keep up with new innovations

■ Demand for new talent: with growing markets in China and the US, the demand for skilled talent is higher than ever before

■ Maintaining a safe environment: in the Automotive industry, health, safety and environment (HSEQ) is a constant concern

The Brunel Solution

Fast access to top talent: Our solutions include temporary personnel services, service contracts and work contracts — right when you need them

Enabling sustainable growth: Our strong engineering skills, qualified experts and comprehensive test equipment contribute to sustainable innovation

Technologies to keep you competitive: Our advanced design technologies include digital prototyping and servo hydraulic test stations

Global network: With 100+ offices in 40+ countries, our worldwide recruitment network helps you grow

 Safety prioritized: HSEQ services, insurance packages and risk management tools to keep your team safe

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Services to transform your Automotive project

■ Contracting & Secondment
■ Permanent/Direct Recruitment
■ Global Mobility & Immigration
■ Talent Acquisition & Campus Recruitment 
■ New Location Startup
■ Career Industry Training

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Brunel Car Synergies: A Unique Ecosystem of Innovation

With a unique network of development centers and an accredited test center, Brunel Car Synergies showcases our automotive testing and development capabilities:

■ Delivers world-class development and testing services for top international automotive companies

■ Completed over 6,000 projects

■ Offers consulting, development and testing from a single source throughout the development process

■ Over 100 test benches and accredited test laboratory

Contract & Permanent Recruitment for Global Automotive Projects

Contract Recruitment: Temporary expertise when and where you need it
Finding, managing and on/off-boarding consultants for temporary automotive projects can be an overwhelming and expensive process. We find, recruit and hire contractors for you, so you can focus on successfully completing your project. Our quick and flexible services save you valuable administration time and money.

Permanent Recruitment: Identifying long-term talent to grow with your company
Finding highly-qualified candidates for long-term positions requires time and specialized searches. Our all-inclusive permanent recruitment service covers the entire process, from the initial briefing to the offer and onboarding. We partner with you to thoroughly understand your business and the traits of the perfect candidate.

Candidates: Looking for a job in the automotive industry?

You're at the right place. As the automotive industry evolves, so does the demand for talent to work within it, bringing exciting new career prospects. Want to get started?

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Jobs we can fill with top talent:

■ Senior Software Architect
■ Requirements Manager
■ Cyber Security Engineer
■ Senior Project Manager Software
■ Functional Safety Manager
■ Developer- Automation / SPS
■ Developer- Autonomous Driving
■ Software Developer- Radar / Camera
■ Hardware Developer
■ System Engineer
■ Front-end Developer
■ Embedded Software Developer
■ Design Leader / Constructor

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Proven expertise in:

■ Development of electrical/electronic (E/E) systems and controllers 
■ Mechanical and electrical development and design 
■ Testing of assemblies (mechanical/electrical) 
■ Technical documentation and data management 
■ Development and testing of hardware and software 
■ Development of in-vehicle wiring systems
■ Simulation and computation 
■ Business IT, app and web development 
■ Supply chain management 
■ Development of embedded systems 
■ Variant management 
■ Automation
■ Testing and validation
■ Quality management

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Worldwide Recruitment Solution

With 100+ offices in 40+ countries, our global network helps you grow and mobilise quickly. We have a regional presence in: 

■ The United States
■ The Netherlands
■ Germany
■ United Arab Emirates
■ Singapore
■ Australia - HQ Perth
■ China
■ Russia
■ Qatar
■ Brazil

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