Engineering & professional role recruiters in Sydney

The engineering recruitment specialists

Brunel specialises in connecting engineers and highly-skilled workers with contract and ongoing professional appointments in Sydney and across the world. Founded in 1975 as one of the first recruitment agencies dedicated to engineering roles, Brunel has an exceptional understanding and network of engineering professionals across a wide range of disciplines and specialisations. We excel at attracting and mobilising highly-skilled personnel for infrastructure, resource industry and other project-based roles. Using Brunel's truly global network, which spans over 40 countries and 120 offices, we can help your organisation to access a a deep and diverse pool of candidates, including niche and in-demand professionals for positions in both traditional and emerging skills sets. With a deep pool of engineering specialists and understanding the unique requirements of both small and large-scale developments, Brunel can connect you with the people and skills your business needs to thrive.