Brunel in Mozambique

The workforce you need, the ease you want

When you are looking for skilled workers in Mozambique, the specialists from Brunel are there for you. We combine flexible support, international expertise and local knowledge to optimize your business. make sure your business runs smoothly. 

For over 43 years, Brunel has provided a wide range of services to companies in Oil & Gas and Mining. Our close collaboration with these companies gives us unique understanding of local sector needs and company expectations. With expertise in every phase of the project life cycle, Brunel can add value to your next project, every step of the way. 

We invite you to meet our local experts to see how Brunel can add value for your company. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that you have the right people in place to get the job done. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our services in Mozambique

Recruitment and HR Services

Whether you need to expand your workforce, inject knowledge or require HR support, we take all the worry out of sourcing. From recruitment to training, from certification to orientation, Brunel will handle your HR challenges and enhance your operations.

Recruitment and HR Services is comprising:

  • Expand your workforce and capabilities

    Whether you need to add more employees or expand knowledge within your current workforce, our services bring flexibility and sustainability. From generalists to specialists. From secondments to flexible staffing. From junior positions to high-level leadership. From local teams to expats. We have the right community of professionals to help you achieve success.

  • Find the right people for the right jobs

    From recruitment to placement, our services ensure that every member of your workforce is cared for - on a project, team and individual level. Need onshore or offshore trade and craft labour? You’re covered. Searching for the right senior manager, chemist or financial specialist? We quickly deliver the right match.

  • Equip your teams with the knowledge they need

    We ensure your (international) workforce is ready to operate in their new location. We offer local and global training programs, language and cultural training and project or client specific training. Your staff will understand what’s expected of them and how to provide it.

  • Make the process carefree

    Adding expats to your team may increase complexity, but we have what it takes to manage it. From payroll to taxes, from timesheets to salaries, and from safety screenings to on-boarding and administration. Brunel removes the burden of recruitment and HR, so you can focus on your business, goals and projects.

  • Ensure your local presence excels globally

    We don’t just offer you access to local labour forces. We also help eliminate any obstacles so people can get to work without the extra admin. We ensure complete compliance with local legislation and business entity requirements, and integrate your business into the local economy. All to make your business a worldwide quality benchmark.

Global Mobility

We help get the right professional to the right place – anywhere in the world – and make sure they’re ready to work. From skilled labour to high-level executives, Brunel will manage the entire mobility process. We ensure that every employee is safe, comfortable and successful.

Global Mobility is comprising:

  • Get your staff where they need to be

    Moving your whole office to a new country? Or just a few specialists for a prolonged assignment? Applying for a visa is just the beginning. We make sure your staff’s move – and stay – is smooth and effective. We will use our local community to optimise your investment and cut through bureaucracy. With our process and local support we will get your staff in place legally, make them feel at home, take away the pain of paperwork, and have them up and running in no time.

  • Support a capable workforce

    Long term relocations or family mobility can pose specific challenges. Brunel supports employees and their families by offering access to schools, guidance in buying and selling a home, assurance of equal pay and benefits. We aim to help your employees focus on their new job, instead of wrestling with red tape.

  • Create comfort that provides efficiency

    Employees adjust better to relocation when they have resources to help them adapt. We provide access to language and culture trainings, insights into customs and social cues, integration support and more. We will also make sure there are no open-ended complications in their departure country. This guarantees a positive start at their new destination. Our team will do everything necessary to make your team feel at home.

  • Facilitate acceptance by meeting expectations

    Every country has its own standards when it comes to healthcare, safety, insurance and expat services. We will see to it that your employees enjoy the same level of care and safety that they are accustomed to in their home countries. We take the time to explain any differences and at the same time, make sure you have clear insights regarding the health, safety and well-being of your people.

Consultancy & HSE

Our HSE services ensure employees remain safe and compliant, no matter the project size, scope or location. We offer advice, training, certification and organisational services to guarantee that risks are mitigated, costs are managed and employees are safe and healthy

Consultancy & HSE is comprising:

  • Prevent risks from occurring

    Risk mitigation is the foundation of a safe work environment. So, we ensure total compliance from the very start. With initial compliance checks and safety and security scans, we will make sure your workplace is healthy and safe from day 1. Additionally, since swift implementation is always top of mind, we can either embed our own safety experts or train your own security consultants and handle certifications and insurance when needed.

  • Ensure long-term risk management

    HSE is a continuous concern and requires a continuous process. We make sure every member of your team — and the team itself — remains certified and up to code. Our risk prevention processes keep your people safe, organised and prepared. Our certification database tracks and traces our scanning, recertification and registration activities, so you always have proof of your HSE compliance.

  • Prepare for every emergency

    Despite the very best efforts, incidents still happen. And your company will be defined by how you deal with them. Brunel Emergency Services helps get your people to safety when disaster strikes. Transport, situation stabilisation and impact limitation help protect your company and your people when they need it most. With lifeline services, Remote Location Extraction Services (RUS) and Alert – our 24/7 risk management service – your people’s safety is our top priority.

  • Get support when you need it

    When issues arise, you need a trusted advisor to help you through them. Our 24/7 and on-demand advisory services can help answer your questions and improve HSE standards and performance. From reporting on remote and dangerous locations to emergency in-country response, and from support with emergency procedures to urgent repatriation, we’re there for you, so you can be there for your people.

Vendor Management

Complex projects come with risks and contingencies and managing multiple vendors can become complicated and costly. We offer turnkey vendor management services and a complete Vendor Management System to reduce costs and risks, and to help streamline your administration.

Vendor Management is comprising:

  • Take control of your vendor management

    Business continuity requires efficient processes. As your vendors’ first point of contact, we manage every step of the process – from contracts to payment. We handle all certification and licensing and provide ongoing support for your entire Vendor Management System. Our analysis and consulting services clearly identify your needs. And we will tailor our solutions to those needs, so our solutions are cost-effective.

  • Consolidate multiple industries locally

    When incidents occur, you need fast and effective solutions. Brunel has local offices in 40 countries, so we can offer much more than standard VMS support. We are your partner and coordinator in day-to-day operations and can mitigate incidents before they occur. Our local presence and resources mean you have partners on-site who put your needs first. In complex or fluid project phases, our contingency planning and clear communication will keep you ahead of any eventualities.

  • Implement, operate and embed your VMS

    A VMS is only effective if it saves you time, money and effort. We can implement and operate your own VMS or offer you access to our own. Either way, we will ensure that vendor management is completely embedded in your organisation. From training and implementation to project and risk management coordination. From cost management to contingency assessment. Our online and on-site support ensures that contingency costs are managed, risks are addressed, and projects run effectively.