Procurement Specialist


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  • Industry: Oil & Gas
  • Area of expertise: Engineering & Design
  • Location: Qatar

What is required?

  • Hours per week: 40
  • Education level: Academic Bachelor

About this role: Procurement Specialist

Brunel is a global provider of flexible workforce solutions and expertise, connecting specialists with clients across the globe. We deliver innovative services like Recruitment (people, talent, and training), Logistics (global mobility and travel), Technical Services (project support and setup) and Consultancy to our clients both globally and locally;Brunel is now present in 40+ countries with over 12,000+ specialists, 120+ offices worldwide, and close to €1 billion (Revenue 2021).

  • Establish and maintain alignment with the PMT on project procurement needs, objectives and requirements;
  • Establish compliance with project procurement processes and procedures;
  • Establish project coordination procedures for procurement, and oversee the development of other coordination procedure;
  • Review Contractor’s procurement procedures and processes;
  • Execute Procurement Plans that support the project’s goals and objectives;
  • Work with Contractor to develop and implement overall and individual purchasing plans (seek input from Project Sourcing Specialists as appropriate);
  • Review and implement Contractor’s Purchasing and Materials Management plans including plans for purchase of spare parts and for purchase of bulk materials;
  • Develop Closeout and Materials Reconciliation plan;
  • Communicate with PMT on project procurement activities, progress and issues;
  • Report schedule and cost data to PMT with regards to procurement activities;
  • Maintain close liaison with appropriate members of PMT (Engineering, Construction and Source Inspection Coordinator) during execution;
  • Advise PMT of procurement issues and steps being taken to mitigate consequences;
  • Review Contractor’s staffing plans to optimize use of manpower;
  • Ensure Contractor’s compliance to approved contractor procedures and prime contract coordination procedures;
  • Review and modify, as necessary, Contractor’s purchasing and contracting documents to ensure compliance with Company’s requirements including scope, delivery, terms and conditions of the contract and cost for reimbursable procurement and / or subcontracts;
  • Review Contractor’s compliance with Company’s prevention of information brokering and business ethics guidelines;
  • Assist Contractor in evaluating prospective key vendors;
  • Ensure procurement documents produced by Contractor are of acceptable quality (complete, clear);
  • Ensure that technical documentation related to procurement is reviewed promptly by Company engineering team, shall expedite the advanced review critical documents and queries where necessary;
  • Duly engage in the procurement process related with items subject to cost adjustment;
  • Engage with Supply in preparation, approval and issuance of the change order(s) related with price adjustment procurement;
  • Plan for effective use of Contractor’s materials management system;
  • Ensure Contractor effectively manages procurement interfaces;
  • Appraise Contractor’s performance and enhance as appropriate;
  • Resolve any materials related claims;
  • Cooperate with IPR and audit teams with respect to procurement;
  • Ensure orderly turnover of project (with regards to procurement) to the operating organization;
  • Provide Spare Parts Coordination for the project;
  • Interface with project overall Spare Parts Coordinator for planning, processes, expectations and to align synergies;
  • Understand the schedule and identify key interface points. Ensure the delivery of all packages, equipment and material is performed in line with the project schedule, the Company approved vendor list and Company technical requirements;
  • Establish and implement plan for spare parts management and coordinate spares acquisition process;
  • Provide oversight of the EPCM spare parts related activities including obtaining the Required Spare Parts List (RSPL) data;
  • Work issues as appropriate to ensure materials and equipment are received at needed location on schedule;
  • Provide subcontracting administration support required;
  • Reinforce and support Compression EPC Contracts procurement teams as and when necessary;
  • Document all Lessons Learned through various stages of procurement process.


  • 5-10 years management/supervisory experience on Major Projects;
  • BA/BS Preferred;
  • Demonstrate understanding of procurement best practices;
  • Intermediate to Expert Equipment and Materials Purchasing Skills (e.g. engineered equipment/bulks);
  • Strong analytical, leadership, negotiation and communication skills;
  • Ability to handle tenders for long lead items and reimbursable procurement or subcontracts with EPC contractor;
  • Ability to operate autonomously on a result orientated basis handling multiple diverse task;
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills;
  • Ability to work under pressure and manage constantly changing priorities;
  • Daily direct procurement supervision will not be available when located overseas or rotating; therefore, additional requirements are as follows:
  • Must be a self-starter and able to work in a virtual organization;
  • Ability to monitor EPC Contractor purchasing activities including track/monitor key equipment and material purchases.

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