"We can only reach our full potential with a fully inclusive organization and a rich, diverse team." - Brunel CEO, Jilko Andringa

March is Women's History Month — acknowledging and celebrating the vital role women play in society and the workplace. 

This month Brunel celebrates our dedication towards the goal of reaching equal gender representation. The number of women within our global leadership team has more than doubled in the last four years.

"We can only reach our full potential with a fully inclusive organization and a rich, diverse team," said Brunel CEO Jilko Andringa.

Women play a crucial role in the overall success of Brunel. This month, we celebrate our powerful women by sharing their perspectives of what its like and what it means to be a female leader within Brunel.

We must stay strong even when people criticize or doubt our potential. Every meaningful relationship in our life will come from standing up for what we believe. The world can be tough, unjust and even cruel, but we have the power to do something about it, at any age. It's not about having it all, doing it all or being perfect, it's about getting started.

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Janaina Chezanoski - Global Mobility Executive, Brunel USA

Creating a balanced world is not something which is out of our control. Real, meaningful long-term change requires that every one of us examines what ideas and biases we’ve absorbed, which of those lessons need to be unlearned, and how through our own personal actions we can positively influence the world around us and the generations to come.

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Tania Sinibaldi - Managing Director, Brunel Australasia

What counts for me are people and their skills. Diversity with all its facets is an essential part of our global corporate culture, shaped by different personalities, motivations and ambitions. What unites us is the pursuit of quality, mutual appreciation and strong teamwork. With a focus on performance, open communications and a passion for people we achieve outstanding results and on the journey we have fun together.

Nicole Kirleis

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Nicole Kirleis - Global Head of Marketing & Communications

As a human and agile community leader at Brunel, I strive for equality and inclusion in teams, departments and organizations. Agile leadership is also about inclusive leadership where you focus on involving and empowering people to learn from each other’s talent, culture and principles. This will result in committed, passioned individuals and teams taking responsibility and showing ownership.

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Won van Kalsbeek - Brunel Agile Community Leader, Netherlands

At Brunel we work on empowering all of our employees, but in a male dominated industry it is always nice to be able to support strong women. We hire female engineers for their unique perspective, skills and dedication and we guide them in their careers, so they can be strong mentors for the next generation.

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Diane Suykens - Business Unit Manager, Belgium

As women, we hold an ability to multitask and resolve complex problems; the willingness to grow and step up when called for makes us ideal leadership material! At Brunel, we have a progressive leadership that defines professions and rewards talent beyond gender. To all women, harness your power, develop opportunities and trust your instinct to fulfil your dreams.

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Shammy Joby - Finance Director, Middle East & India

Be yourself, believe in yourself, be kind to yourself and to others. Use your voice as well as your ears - listening is powerful.

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Lisa Matthews - Operations Manager, Brunel USA

To me, leadership requires representing your own opinion, living up to challenges and standing your ground. On the other hand, it is about gaining trust and building connections with all kinds of people around you and simply enjoying your work. Acting in line with these qualities and empowering your team to do the same is the key to contribute to the success of Brunel, in my opinion.

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Lina Rodenbeck - Legal Head, Brunel DACH-CZ

Leadership is about the team; it's painting a picture of a vision for the future and enlisting others to go on the journey with you. It's being confident to take risks, being responsible for your team's success and being authentic and clear in what you expect from people. It's letting them make their own mistakes and learning from them while developing potential and pursuing passion. Believe in yourself; leadership is waiting for you.

Kewarin Taosa Ning  Financial Controller Brunel Asia

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Kewarin Taosa (Ning) – Financial Controller, Brunel Asia

Brunel Leaders: Thank you for making us better

Brunel is extremely proud of the women who represent us, lead us, and challenge us to constantly become a more equitable workplace. By continuing to prioritize gender equality and by encouraging female candidates to strive towards leadership positions, we hope to drive a culture of diversity and equality for all of our employees and candidates. Thank you to all the Brunel women for being an important part of our team.

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