The Brunel Foundation introduces the Neigbourhood Heroes Trash 'n Trace Challenge!

Little pickers making a big impact

Together with Dynamo Youthwork Eindhoven in the Netherlands, the Brunel Foundation introduces the Neigbourhood Heroes Trash 'n Trace Challenge. From January 2021, 120 children in the age group 10 to 12 learn the ins and outs on how to be the ears and eyes in their community.  

Various themes such as safety, self-confidence, self-defense, exercise and social skills are covered in the programme. From March on, all groups will also learn more about litter in the environment, the Litterati app and how they can be part of the solution.  

With litter pickers, garbage bags and lots of energy, the first group embarked on their Trash 'n Trace Challenge this week. Their energy, enthusiasm, competitiveness and interesting questions were very inspiring.

trash kids1
trash kids3
trash kids4
trash kids5

Organise your own litter picking event

Are you interested in organising such a litter picking event with e.g. your school, sports club, friends or family? Let us know! Send us an email to We can help you set up a challenge in which you can do your part for a cleaner environment. Let's Trash 'n Trace!

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