The Brunel Foundation community members make a difference

World Map with Brunel Foundation regions

Enthusiastic colleagues from around the world have set up initiatives in their region to contribute to the goals of the Brunel Foundation. By doing so, they have inspired others to make a change.

Over the past decade, the growth of the Brunel Foundation has passed many milestones. One very important one was the moment we were granted the opportunity to take the foundation global in 2019.

Following this milestone, we launched the Brunel Foundation Community that spreads across the Brunel offices around the globe. We started working together with colleagues that are intrinsically motivated to enthuse others and set up initiatives in their region to contribute to our goals and make a change.

Global impact

From that moment on the Foundation Community, which helped us launch global initiatives such as Trash ’n Trace, the Brunel Foundation Forest and the documentary My Journey for Education, has inspired many others to build new (sustainable) habits.

Passion, equality and trust are equally important as keys to our collaboration. We are very proud of our community members around the world and what they have achieved in line with our focal objectives. They are the ones who make the difference in the various regions. Together, we create global impact. The successes achieved in a decade of the Brunel Foundation are unquestionably attributable to their positive energy and the enthusiasm of everyone involved.

We would like to thank all our community members around the world for supporting the Brunel Foundation, and for involving and inspiring so many others in their regions. Without our community members, the Brunel Foundation would not be where it is now.

Your enthusiasm, passion and creativity are truly inspiring!

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  • Angela Lazo-Flores

    I think the importance of sustainability will increase even more in the coming years. Each person can and should do their part to live more sustainably. But I think it’s very important that companies play their part as well. Therefore, I believe that the work of the Brunel Foundation is essential. That’s why I am happy to be a part of it.

    Angela Lazo-Flores (Personal Assistant to Managing Director, DACH Region, Frankfurt)
  • Kewarin Taosa

    The Brunel Foundation inspires and encourages me and my team to contribute to society and make sustainable choices when and where we can. Doing good together not only has a positive impact on the planet, it also deepens our relationships with other members and builds stronger communities. That’s why I am delighted to join the Brunel Foundation!

    Kewarin Taosa (Ning) (Financial Controller, Asia, Thailand)
  • Misty Geer

    Being able to contribute to the Brunel Foundation through service is a fulfilling opportunity to extend the generosity and compassion of our organisation in a personal and tangible way.

    Misty Geer (Commercial Specialist, Americas, Houston)

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