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Lloyd joined Brunel Netherlands as a specialist in 2018 and worked on two different client projects as IT Support Officer before becoming an internal employee in 2021.

Hey Lloyd, how did you first learn about Brunel?

I first reached out to Brunel three years ago because a friend of mine was working there and recommended them to me. Back then I was working in retail, which not only involved working long shifts but also working at the weekends. So I was looking for a job that was less strenuous and that would also pay better. To be frank, I was a bit hesitant before applying as I didn’t have much work experience in technical support, but my friend told me not to worry and assured me that I would get trained on the job.  

Tell us more about your experience as a Brunel specialist. What were your main duties? 

The first project I got assigned to was at a Dutch bank, where I was in charge of solving simple requests and problems – also referred to as first level support – such as helping with username and password issues and verification of hardware and software. After a year, this kind of work became repetitive. So I talked to my consultant at Brunel, and they found a new project for me at one of the largest financial service providers in the Netherlands. There I was able to expand my skill set and knowledge and move from basic troubleshooting to solving more in-depth problems known as second level support. 

Besides on-the-job training, were you able to participate in any development programs offered by Brunel?  

To work as an IT support specialist, you don’t only need technical but also great communication skills, as this job requires you to help co-workers and customers resolve their technical problems. When I joined Brunel, I was given training courses that prepared me for this role. That included Microsoft certification courses, LEAN Six Sigma certification and communication courses for technology professionals. These courses really helped me gain the necessary expertise to successfully enter a new field of work.

Man at desk
Lloyd at the Brunel HQ in Amsterdam

After finishing your second project as a specialist, you were hired by Brunel as an internal IT support officer. What are the main differences between your role as a specialist then and your role now as an internal employee? 

Well, first off, the Brunel headquarters in Amsterdam are located just 20 minutes from where I live. So when Brunel offered me the job as an internal IT support officer, I gladly accepted because it would let me come to the office by bicycle instead of commuting to work. In addition, Brunel is an international company with offices around the world. So as part of the global IT department, I am in contact with co-workers from different countries. This cultural exchange is something I enjoy very much, as it broadens my scope.

What do you appreciate most in your current position?

I deeply appreciate the degree of autonomy I am given to carry out tasks at my own pace. Knowing that my supervisor and teammates trust my ability to resolve issues gives me tremendous confidence. I am also recognized for the work I do, and I regularly receive positive feedback from my manager. That helps me stay motivated. All in all, it’s just a very supportive work environment. 

What do you value most about Brunel’s work culture? 

What I value most is the friendly attitude towards one another and the informality of the workplace. Even the senior managers are visible and approachable. 

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