A Financial Controller's Story of Thriving at Brunel for Over Two Decades – Insights from Kewarin

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Kewarin is a long-time employee of Brunel's Technical Services entity in Chonburi, eastern Thailand. With over 20 years’ experience working for Brunel, she has dedicated a significant portion of her professional life to the organisation and has made valuable contributions to its success. In our interview, she shares insights about her current role as a financial controller.

Financial Controller Kewarin


Financial Controller at Brunel's Technical Services entity in Chonburi

Hi, Kewarin. You started working at Brunel Thailand in 2002. That’s more than 20 years ago! But before we start talking about your career trajectory at Brunel, what did you do before?

Twenty years is a long time, isn't it? It's hard to believe I’ve worked anywhere else besides Brunel. However, before joining Brunel, I studied business administration, majoring in accounting, and subsequently worked at a local auditing firm. So, I had a robust background in accounting and finance.

And then you
joined Brunel as an accounting officer…

That’s correct. I worked as an accounting officer for two years, followed by four years as a senior accountant and since 2008 as financial controller.

What are some of your main responsibilities as a
financial controller?

I primarily manage the accounting department and financial reporting processes, including overseeing financial operations such as budgeting, forecasting and cash management, to ensure compliance with financial regulations and reporting requirements. Additionally, I provide financial analysis and advice to senior management. Despite being a financial controller, my role encompasses diverse responsibilities such as business development for Thailand and supporting the operations department in process development and refinement. I also provide value to our clients in Thailand by leveraging my knowledge to offer advice on local labour laws, working conditions and technical and operational regulations. 

Your role sounds quite
varied indeed. What do you like most about it?  

As I said, many of our clients are not from Thailand, and I find it particularly fulfilling to help them navigate and succeed in a new environment. Ultimately, what I enjoy most about my job is the opportunity to support and assist others, whether it be clients or team mates. At Brunel, there are ample opportunities to expand beyond one's core responsibilities and acquire new skills. That has enabled me to grow in my career over the past twenty years. I feel fortunate that Brunel's organisational culture is one where trust and confidence in one's abilities are not questioned, and this has certainly contributed to my professional development.

Have you received support from Brunel to further
develop your career in the past twenty years?

Yes, I have received a lot of support from the CEO and CFO to advance my career in Thailand. Before joining Brunel, I had limited proficiency in English. However, since Brunel is a global company where correspondence is primarily conducted in English, I had to learn the language quickly. Then in 2016, I decided to enhance my soft skills and leadership abilities, so I studied for an MBA while working at Brunel. It was a challenging experience, but when I received my diploma after two years, that was a significant achievement for me. During my studies, I gained a knowledge of global economics, microeconomics and regional law, all of which helped me contribute to Brunel's high productivity and performance. I also prioritised fostering collaboration, communication and employee engagement to empower my team. Being able to care for and support every individual in my team was crucial to me.

Which one of our four values
– passion for people, integrity, results-driven and entrepreneurship – do you identify with most? 

I believe integrity is the most important quality for a financial controller. Our profession is built on trust, and as financial controllers, it is our responsibility to ensure that financial information is accurate, transparent and complies with relevant regulations. Without integrity and trustworthiness, we cannot fulfil this critical role, and our organisation's reputation could suffer as a result.

What do your weekends in Chonburi look like?

When I'm not working, I enjoy visiting my dad and cooking with him. I also have a passion for travelling and love to explore new places both in Thailand and overseas. In addition, I attend various seminars and conferences to establish new connections and gain new insights. Expanding my network has proven to be helpful in my job, because I can always approach others if I need assistance or have any queries.

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