Online premiere: My journey for education

The Brunel Foundation proudly presents the online premiere of ‘My journey for education’, a unique documentary by Merlijn Goldsack.


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Merlijn is an example for many people with autism. He dropped out of school when he was a young boy because of his autism. A youngster with no certificates, depressed because of his situation, with low self-esteem, but gifted with a talent.

He decided to start filming his journey for education which led him to the USA and Finland.

Since the launch of the trailer last April, all involved have eagerly looked forward to this special moment. Merlijn’s hard work, perseverance and unique approach come together in this very personal document.

Merlijn: “The film should be a stimulus for young people with autism. A motivation to take alternative paths that lead to better choices and bigger opportunities and eventually being able to participate in the labour market. Hopefully it will inspire many others”.

Where                        : Online

When                         : December 2, 2020

Documentary          : 15:00 – 16:00 (CET) 

Live Q&A                  : 16:00 – 16:30 (CET)

After the viewing of the documentary, we will continue with a live Q&A. During this Q&A you are invited to ask questions about the documentary, Merlijn’s personal journey or other things you would like to know. The live Q&A will be hosted by Susan Koenen, film director of amongst others ‘the Red Apple’ (Merlijn en de rode appel).

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Looking forward to meet you online!

My Journey for Education: Trailer