Brunel Foundation Forest – tree gifting

Education in the forest of Thailand

Brunel aims to have a positive impact on the environment and reduce the carbon footprint. The Brunel Foundation Forest helps reforestation by planting trees in Thailand.

In 2015, the United Nations instituted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aimed at achieving sustainable development worldwide on the principle of ‘leaving no one behind’.

Tree planting is an accessible and affordable solution to support these UN SDGs. Reforestation can’t restore all that we’ve lost, but it can pave the way for a new future.

The Brunel Foundation believes in doing our part to help the planet. That's why we are very excited to contribute to these SDGs by planting trees in Thailand through the Brunel Foundation Forest. With this Forest, we aim to make small steps to offset our carbon footprint and have a positive impact on the environment.

People working in the forest in Thailand

The Brunel Foundation Forest came to life by partnering with EcoMatcher. This certified B corporation and UN partner plants trees and forests with vetted foundations and NGOs from around the world specialized in planting trees. Through technology, EcoMatcher knows everything about every tree, offering total transparency. Every tree can be virtually visited.

How does it work? These specialized foundations provide farmers with high-quality seedlings that farmers plant on their land. Financial contributions like ours finance the growth of the seedlings, the transportation of the seedlings to the farmers, and the livelihood and education of the farmers. The farmers will own the trees, and our funding will also allow them to reap the benefits that the trees may offer to their community.

The Brunel Foundation has planted 1,000 trees together with Conserve Natural Forests. This non-profit based in Pai, Thailand aims to restore degraded tropical ecosystems. Their core projects include Reforestation, Wildlife Conservation, and Education.

And the best thing is, we will gift these trees virtually to Brunel colleagues, clients and others. They can be the proud ‘adopters’ of a Brunel Foundation Forest Tree and follow its lifecycle on the EcoMatcher website or in the app.

They can virtually travel to their adopted tree via satellite maps. They’ll get unique pictures of each planted tree, the precise location, tree species, the carbon sequestration, and even information on the farmer taking care of the tree.

Brunel Foundation Forest

With the Brunel Foundation Forest, we aim to foster a sense of belonging and hope to make our employees and clients part of Brunel's sustainability journey.

There is only one earth. Let’s fight climatechange together, one tree at a time. The Brunel Foundation Forest is a great place to start. We are proud to make you part of it!

Want to know more about Conserve Natural Forest in Thailand?


Check it out here

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