Finding Professionals in the Oil and Gas Industry

When searching for the best professionals for an Oil and Gas project, there are a lot of factors to consider. Whether it's upstream, midstream or downstream operations, onshore or offshore, or even corporate environments, you need to ensure your team has the expertise to make your project thrive.

The Oil and Gas industry

The Oil and Gas industry encompasses everything from finding new hydrocarbons, through to refining work where fuels and other materials are manufactured.


There are 3 main areas:


1) Upstream

Upstream is the exploration, discovery and development of an oil or gas reservoir.


2) Midstream

Midstream is the transportation of the oil and gas from where it is discovered, often offshore or in remote areas, to a facility where it can be processed.


3) Downstream

Downstream is where the oil and gas is refined and converted into the products such as petroleum we all use every day.


International Oil and Gas recruitment

With projects typically involving teams of people based in countries around the world, international Oil and Gas recruitment can be challenging in a number of ways.


Some key factors are nationalisation laws, work permits and visas, socio-political issues, age restrictions and global mobility.


Finding the right people is not always easy. Some technical skillsets are only available in certain countries, and there is a good chance they will already be busy working on a project. As the industry evolves and new technology is developed, the experience people need is also changing.


Knowing who is available, and where, is one of Brunel’s main strengths. Our tailored support services span the full project lifecycle, including exploration, design, engineering, drilling, construction and commissioning, maintenance, operations and decommissioning.


Permanent recruitment.

Permanent recruitment is when a company hires an individual on a full-time basis, typically with the goal that this person will develop their career within the organisation over several years.

The key benefits of having long-term employees are that a company can accurately forecast their overheads, grow organically as workload increases, and they can invest in their staff to further develop their skills and experience.

Permanent employees will receive benefits from the company such as pensions, sick pay, holidays



Contracting is the temporary hiring of a flexible workforce to handle increases in workload or to deliver a project within a strict deadline.


Because the workers are only hired on a short-term basis, companies do not have to offer the same benefits as they do with permanent employees, and quite often they outsource these workers to a third-party vendor like Brunel who can handle the contracts and administration on behalf of the company.

Why hire a recruitment agency?

Finding the right people can be time-consuming and frustrating, which is why partnering with an expert can make everything easier.


What defines the best international Oil and Gas recruitment agencies?

  • They listen. This sounds like a simple thing but it’s the key to all great relationships
  • They question. By asking intelligent questions a greater understanding can be reached which                    enables a better service and quicker solutions to your problems
  • Processes are easy, efficient and most importantly transparent
  • They are brand advocates for your business
  • Access to networks of professionals around the world, which helps you make the right hire first                time

Why Brunel?

As one of the world’s leading Oil and Gas recruitment companies, Brunel has a track record of delivering on some of the biggest projects around the world.


Operating since 1975, we've partnered with companies everywhere from Brazil to Sakhalin, working on major pipelines, LNG projects, offshore exploration, onshore developments and more. On average, we help our clients find and hire over 1,000 professionals every year.

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