UK Sponsor License - What it is, how it works and why you might need it

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From the 1st January 2021, any UK company who needs to hire skilled workers from outside the UK will need to sponsor their employment and their immigration applications via a Sponsor License from the UK Home Office. This includes EU nationals already working in the UK who have not applied for settled status.

The new UK employment rules

Finding skilled workers to fill high level engineering roles across all sectors throughout the UK is already a challenge, with businesses having to look overseas to try and fill positions. Now the whole process just got harder with the looming immigration points based system for overseas workers due to Brexit.  

However, if you haven’t applied for a UK Sponsor License in preparation for this situation, Brunel is here to help.

How can Brunel solve this problem?

Brunel International UK holds a Sponsor License from the UK Home Office.

This means we can now directly and permanently employ highly skilled specialist individuals who individually or as part of a team would deliver bespoke services under the terms of a commercial contract to our UK clients.  

How does it work?

Brunel directly employs more than 13,000 highly skilled workers around the world, covering a multitude of disciplines. Many of our employees are bilingual and have experience working for international companies, so they are culturally prepared.

As an example, more than 2,400 local nationals and expats are employed by our offices throughout Germany to deliver strategic engineering support to the automotive industry.

More than 700 locals and expats are directly employed by Brunel in Australia in the mining industry and more than 1,200 throughout the Middle East to deliver engineering services to our clients' projects in the infrastructure industry. 

Our employees, your project.

Our employees can be on your site, managed by your organisation but without the burden of coordinating their immigration applications for temporary contract roles, Home Office/SMS rules and regulation updates, or organising employment contracts and monthly payroll. 

You can confidently leave all of that to Brunel, the experts in providing skilled project engineers and senior management consultants across all sectors.

We do this so that your team can get on with carrying out their own duties and their project objectives with the satisfaction and peace of mind of knowing they have the best team in place for the job. 

Together, we can manage change, expansion and consolidation.

Whatever complexities you face, call us to simplify them.

To find out more, please contact Shelley Lloyd, Mobility Specialist at Brunel at

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Regional Marketer for Europe & Africa