Thinking about business relocation? Here's what you need to know

There are instances when moving your business to another country makes perfect sense, for economic or other reasons. Of course, the actual process of business relocation can be quite demanding and stressful, not to mention expensive.

In addition to moving large amounts of equipment and documentation, it may be necessary to organize accommodations for key people and establish a new network of contacts in the new location. There is a very long list of steps that must be undertaken before a new branch office can start conducting business, and companies need to make sure they don’t skip any steps or the path to a lucrative foreign market might suddenly get slippery. It’s even better to ask for help from a professional provider like Brunel, streamlining the process and ensuring that no setbacks will occur.

Key challenges to corporate relocation

The first obstacle many companies encounter when they start the process of corporate relocation is the intimidating amount of paperwork related to visa applications and work permits. A simple administrative error could delay a key meeting and set back the plan for weeks, so this aspect needs to be handled professionally. Understanding of local salary and tax regulations is just as critical and may be difficult to acquire right away without assistance. Language barrier can complicate things as well, so services of quality translators are highly recommended. Currency conversion rates, timezones, national holidays, traditional customs, the list is very long and difficult to navigate without a guide, except in markets that are very close culturally to your home country. 

How to use relocation services effectively

Some companies prefer to manage everything firsthand, and they usually end up hiring different contractors for various tasks. A smarter and more effective way to approach the relocation process is to pick a single relocation service provider and centralize all activities under the same roof. Trained international experts are likely to understand the realities of the market much better than your original staff, and they might be able to achieve more with the same budget. Some of them might have direct experience in the same industry, and might be able to advice on a range of important topics, from location of the main office to recommended salaries. Attracting high-quality staffers is also easier if you go through an established agency than if you try to advertise directly in foreign media.

Brunel – ideal partner to guide your transition

With more than 30 years in international business, we have the right kind of expertise to assist you with business relocation. We possess extensive experience in several business areas, including engineering, IT and telecoms, finance and administration, legal, sales, and marketing. In terms of geography, we are very proficient with local business climate in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Canada, and several other developed markets. With a customer-first policy and highly professional corporate culture, Brunel is the right address to turn to whenever you are considering an expansion or relocation to another country. With our help, the process will be smooth and painless, and your new office will be operational within a short time!

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