Is it really worth it to outsource your project staffing to an agency?

Close your eyes, and imagine having the exact project team your business needs to thrive. It shouldn’t be so hard to achieve, but project staffing remains a pesky and frustrating challenge for many companies.

The problem is bigger than your company: in many global industries today, there’s more vacancies than hires. Why? Because it’s not easy to find the person with the exact skills, training and expertise needed for each project.

In the United States alone, the total number of job openings in 2018 totaled 7.6 million, while the number of hires only amounted to 5.8 million. This recruiting trend continues year over year.

Your goal is to finish projects quickly, within budget, compliantly and at a high quality — but that means you need to find the best team members for critical positions before your competition does. 

So how can you quickly find the project talent your company needs to keep growing? 

5 Reasons to Outsource Project Staffing

Outsourcing project staffing is typically more cost-effective than hiring a project management professional to do the job. 

When working with an agency, your organization will benefit from industry expertise and a larger talent pool, saving time, minimizing costs, and opening access to more qualified workers.

1. Industry Expertise

The experts within a staffing agency understand recruiting practices and employment trends. They also have extensive industry knowledge in particular fields. Their recruiting skills far outweigh those of a single hiring manager for an organization. 

To maximize the benefits of using an outsourcing agency, choose one that concentrates in the field where you want to source quality candidates. 

Brunel has extensive experience in the Life SciencesRenewable EnergyOil and GasInfrastructureAutomotiveand Mining industries. We use our 45 years of industry-focused knowledge to find you the most desirable staff for a particular project.

Don’t worry if your organization doesn’t have an in-house HR department. Staffing agencies can manage the entire employment process for you, including the development of labor contracts, compliance training, onboarding, and more.

2. Larger Talent Pool

Agencies have massive databases and an extensive network of potential candidates. They will use their vast network to pinpoint your ideal candidate more efficiently. The traditional hiring process involves job advertisement, resume collection, interviews, and new hire documentation. It’s a time-consuming process. If you don’t find the right fit for your project the first time around, you’re wasting precious time. When you work with a staffing agency, they’ll build your perfect employee profile. They’ll use this profile to find hardworking, dependable individuals to fill vacancies quickly.

3. Saves Time

When you have an immediate need for staffing a new project, a reputable agency will expertly qualify, screen, and interview candidates quickly. Stepping away from the day-to-day operations of your organization to fill staffing vacancies isn’t a valuable use of your time. This is why companies outsource — so you can focus on the performance and productivity of your organization.

4. Saves Money

Not only do you waste time on the tasks involved in the traditional hiring process, but you lose money. The Society for Human Resource Management estimated that organizations spend an average of $4,129 to fill one position. This figure means it can take up to six months for your company to break even on investing in a single new hire. Working with an outsourcing agency minimizes the expenses associated with the hiring process, such as interoffice clerical costs, advertising, and personnel time management costs. You’ll also save money by hiring the right candidates because a reliable staffing company will have vetted them — meaning you’re less likely to have to repeat the process due to a bad hire.

5. Flexible Workforce

Have a short project, but need highly-skilled individuals for it? Project staffing agencies always have a list of highly-qualified workers ready for temporary jobs. These candidates are often on a secondment contract, meaning they’re usually eager to start their next project. If you need assistance filling positions when employees are on vacation or taking leave, outsourced staff can also fill the void. Utilizing the right agency is a great way to maximize efficiencies while reducing avoidable expenses.

Staffing your Projects

At Brunel, we can help you find flexible workers for your next project through our recruitment and workforce services. 

We offer several recruitment, logistics, and technical services to help you finish projects on time, within budget, compliantly and at the highest quality. Why? So you can keep growing your business. 


Brunel can find, recruit, and onboard consultants for you so that you can focus on your project timeline. We can also recruit permanent candidates for your highest-priority roles. As part of our talent acquisition and recruitment process, we also provide technical training services. When hiring experienced workers, it takes time to adjust their work methods to yours. Our training vets candidates to ensure they’ll fit into your company culture.


Not only do we staff the right people for your projects, but we can also take care of any complicated logistics involved. We assist in global mobility, getting your candidates to the right place, and making sure they’re ready to work. And if you’re expanding to another location, we can assist by helping you comply with the laws and regulations of your new location.

Technical Services

Projects contain many moving parts, and we can help safely execute them within your budget. Brunel can manage and execute your high-risk engineering projects for you. Technical services include Project Management Support, Statement of Work, Health Safety and Environment (HSE), Third Party Inspection and Commissioning Support.  


Let Us Staff Your Next Project

You shouldn’t have to stress over staffing your next project. Outsource your project staffing to Brunel to ensure the best match is found. With 45 years of staffing experience in over 40 countries, we’ll help you plan, execute, and deliver projects on time — while remaining safe, compliant, and on budget. Contact us today to find the best professionals and services for your next project.

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