While moving a business office to a new location sounds exciting, the process involves numerous challenges that might be difficult to foresee in advance. Given the importance of meeting deadlines and staying within a budget, it’s very important to ensure that corporate relocation runs as smoothly as possible, which might require assistance from experienced professionals.

There are numerous situations when moving a corporate office to another city or a foreign country is a perfectly shrewd business move, yet many owners resist it because of the associated stress. Uprooting an entire team and transplanting the organisational infrastructure is definitely something not to be taken lightly, but the commotion can be greatly reduced by smart planning and effective execution in every sphere, from legal representation to corporate travel management. It’s essential to understand the business culture at the new location and get more comfortable with local customs, which is why many companies seek assistance from experienced relocation experts. Either way, here are some of the most important things you need to know if you are considering office relocation in the near future.

A good plan makes the office move a simple affair 

Even if you are moving just a short distance away, relocation isn’t something you just figure out along the way. There are too many moving parts for improvisation to work, particularly in case of a global relocation that involves a large number of people moving to another country. For such an endeavour to succeed, it’s necessary to formulate a comprehensive plan and update it as new information becomes available. Details should be checked in advance whenever possible, while backup options should be prepared just in case. This way, it’s possible to avoid unpleasant surprises that can derail the process and set it back for weeks. The plan must be clearly communicated to all stakeholders, obtaining their approval and ensuring they are fully onboard. Financial aspects of the plan are just as essential – if the relocation runs over budget, the launch of new branch could be delayed, endangering the original timeline for expansion.

 Managing corporate relocation from up close is much easier

During a corporate relocation, it’s necessary to be present on location nearly all the time in order to react adequately to unexpected challenges. If every decision has to be made by the headquarters, a lot of energy will be wasted on endless attempts to explain what exactly happened to necessitate a change of plans. Ideally, top decision makers would regularly travel back and forth, but this can be physically demanding, even with the comfort of modern corporate travel services. An alternative is to acquire local guidance from a professional relocation company, gaining instant insight into the state of the market and softening the cultural shock. Either way, the company needs to stay receptive to seemingly minor signals and adjust its expectations to realities on the ground.

 A reliable partner can make a difference

While many companies are going through office relocation for the first time, we at Brunel had been working on similar projects for decades. We know how to take stress out of the equitation and make corporate relocation a simple matter, even for very large enterprises. Our guidance can accelerate the process and eliminate any complications before they even arise, effectively acting as a source of local expertise that can be drawn upon at will.

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