Mobilizing the Next Generation

As the world evolves and corporations develop their graduate programs to attract future leaders, the need for structured graduate mobility services has never been so important.

Traditional global mobility packages often focus on executives and their families, with services that include everything from finding a family home to schools admission visits to helping spouses settle into their new communities.

Graduates’ needs are often simpler – they’re able to be much more proactive due to information they can gather themselves via apps and the internet. Their packages can be less extensive and, due to the large number of graduates that companies are hiring, the services need to be designed to handle both volume and regular rotations.

Smarter global mobility packages

Celsium powered by Brunel has developed smarter global mobility packages to match the requirements of graduates and their employers. By completely revising our services and solutions, we’ve been successfully offering graduate mobility packages to our customers for more than two years, with outstanding results. The feedback we’ve received has shown that our solutions and services have helped our customers to improve their time-management planning for graduate programs and greatly reduced the confusion and stress associated with lengthy communication frustrations.

It’s not rocket science, it’s simply a fresh approach to how we secure accommodation, how we deliver settling-in and orientation services, and how we price our packages. Designed with both client and graduate in mind, we’ve been able to offer smarter and more organized solutions.

On-boarding approach 

This doesn’t mean we’ve changed our focus: we still offer a full portfolio of traditional global mobility services. But at our clients’ request, we’ve developed a better approach to onboarding graduates and large project teams.

Our approach is still highly individual and professional, but it also offers the graduates a softer introduction to their new surroundings. These packages are personally tailored and designed to accommodate the new generation.

If you think your graduate program could benefit from a smarter on-boarding approach and you would like to engage a partner with extensive experience with graduates, please give us a call and we can discuss how we can help.