Growing a Global Mobility team during a pandemic? Here's how we did it

Janaina Chezanoski

Onboarding new employees has been one of the biggest challenges that businesses have had to tackle in 2020. In this piece we talk to Shelley Lloyd about how Brunel recruited and successfully onboarded Jana, our Global Mobility specialist in Brazil.

Shelley Lloyd

As soon as I met Janaina, I had an instant connection with her and after ten minutes, the interview stopped. Instead, it was a discussion between two Global Mobility Specialists about how we can influence Global Mobility in Brunel

Shelley Lloyd - Head of Global Mobility

How did this start?

I remember the telephone call from Tiago back in March this year, saying he was thinking of hiring a Global Mobility (GM) specialist in Rio. I was instantly excited, but intrigued as to who this person was.

I wanted to know if they were the right fit for the team, how much did they really know about the GM industry, our language, our terminology and how would they support the business development and growth of the Brunel brand in the Brazilian market - which had historically been about local hires and not expats. 

Jana’s spirit, Jana’s persona and Jana’s understanding that this was not going to be an easy task or road ahead made me realise that she was the lady for the job.

What have the challenges been?

Jana joined Brunel right at the start of the pandemic; the world was on lock-down which would be a very difficult time for anyone to start a new job.

It made me stop and think about our consultants - Brunel's workforce who were relocating at this time too (it is my world to think about this).

They would be arriving in their new host location for the first time, how challenging their first day can be! Thinking to themselves "Will my colleagues like me? What are my objectives? What are the cultural challenges?" etc. all while navigating finding their new home, local registration, getting utilities and WIFI connections set up, household good shipments or maybe even getting their kids into schools.

Jana had a hard enough time trying to connect with her new colleagues and learn about Brunel, let alone moving to a new country/city! 

In normal circumstance, we’d meet new starters around the work place,  go for a beer after work and get to know each another. Jana didn't have the luxury of chatting to her new colleagues at the water cooler or coffee machine, there was no group announcement where she got to stand up in front of her colleagues to say hi, for them to see her personality, there were no face to face chats or handshakes.

These colleagues were the people she needed to influence, she needed to show her skills as a specialist in her area of Global Mobility. To do this face to face is far easier than via any weblink.

I am so proud of Jana; she has not only tackled these meetings online and showed her colleagues in Rio why Brunel employed her, she has met with many of our global colleagues (those that haven’t booked a call with Jana yet…you are missing out!) but she has inspired me.

Despite my 11-year industry experience, Jana has inspired me everyday and also come to me with the most fantastic ideas. 

What's next for Jana and the Global Mobility team?

Any new plans I have to push forward Brunel’s GM services, I always talk through with Jana.

For her to arrive at Brunel during COVID and remain so positive and give her +1 in to everything that she does, and her firm belief in our Core Values makes me celebrate every day that Jana is a part of the Brunel team. Tiago has done an outstanding job to make Jana feel so welcome, she feels so much a part of the team.

Between Jana and I, we plan to change the rules for Brunel.

We know our industry, we know Brunel and there are small changes that will make a significant impact on our company.

As Global Mobility Executives, our aim is to make things happen – with the exception of compliance risks, we will not say no. We are solution orientated and as a team we will drive Brunel to be recognised as the leader in our industry.

We want our clients to sit up and take notice. Our team are experienced, we are qualified and we are not here to be transactional, we are here to be strategic partners.

Let’s all congratulate Jana on her first 9 months with Brunel. Let’s also celebrate the remarkable work she has done since joining our team, and the awareness she has brought to Brunel and our Global Mobility services.


Oliver Hague
Regional Marketer for Europe & Africa

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