Corporate travel management: 3 things you did not know!

Doing business on the international level can be physically demanding, particularly when there is a need to travel across time zones. Experienced managers look to reduce the toll on their bodies, and are only willing to embark on such trips if they can count on top corporate travel services. It would be wise to adopt this kind of mindset, especially because there are some exciting innovations in this field that few people are aware of.

Business people need to save time and conserve energy whichever way they can, and long-distance travel is typically one of the greatest challenges they have to face. During negotiations about an international project or office relocation, top executives might be forced to fly back and forth several times within just a few weeks. That would be a difficult task if travelling by commercial transportation, which is why corporate travel services are increasingly popular among frequent business travellers. Too many business people ignore this option, but there are strong reasons to consider it under the right circumstances. Here are some facts about corporate travel that you probably didn’t know:

1. Personalised travel facilitates greater global mobility

Business runs on its own clock, so sometimes it can be hard to coordinate meeting schedules with available travel links. There is a huge value in personalisation of travel routes and timelines, especially now when improved air and road traffic make it possible to schedule trips in a far more flexible manner. With assistance from a global mobility company, it’s possible to design your own travel schedule and enjoy the greatest level of comfort during the trip. All visas, medical insurance policies and work permits can be obtained before the voyage begins, while local guides can wait for the guests on arrival to take them to their accommodations. All things considered, it’s easier than ever to organise a safe, fast and comfortable trip.

2. Transparent invoicing simplifies international assignments

It’s natural that businesses care about expense management, so they are afraid of hidden fees and unclear currency conversions. Those fears are unfounded when working with a first-class international relocation and business travel company since digital invoicing tools make it possible to update the client in real time and ask for permission each time unexpected expenses arise. It’s also very easy to control the conversion rates or double check the price of local services at the location through online channel, while all documentation can be shared remotely with the accounting department. Better companies also feature flexible billing for long-term customers, allowing executives to travel on short notice whenever the need arises and settle the account later.

3. A single global mobility company can provide end-to-end service

A common misconception about international assignments is that it’s complicated to organize the trip abroad with sufficient amenities for business executives. Working with a company with extensive knowledge of global mobility can make it easy to organize international assignments. At Brunel we offer customisable, digital and flexible mobility services to ensure the smoothest transition possible. From individually budgeted spending to full and extensive global mobility programs, Brunel offers the right solutions and supports you and your people every step of the way.

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