Quality manager

If you have a passion for upholding high standards and ensuring the consistent delivery of exceptional products or services, the role of a Quality Manager may be the perfect fit for you. As a Quality Manager, you will take the lead in supervising the production process and ensuring that all products meet the required levels of excellence.

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Quality manager job role

As a Quality Manager, you hold a crucial role in maintaining product standards and ensuring consistency throughout the production process. By developing and implementing quality control tests, you guarantee that all products meet the required level of excellence. Your inspection at various stages of production allows you to identify and document any issues that may arise, enabling prompt actions to rectify them. You play an important role in monitoring the performance of the quality management system, producing relevant data, and providing comprehensive reports to measure the company's success against established benchmarks.

Quality manager responsibilities

As a Quality Manager, you'll have a key role in setting and upholding top-notch quality standards for a company. Your responsibilities cover a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Devise and establish the company's quality procedures, standards, and specifications.
  • Review and ensure customer requirements are met.
  • Collaborate with purchasing staff to set quality requirements for external suppliers.
  • Set standards for quality, health, and safety.
  • Ensure manufacturing processes meet international and national standards.
  • Identify ways to reduce waste and increase efficiency.
  • Define quality procedures in collaboration with operating staff.
  • Establish and maintain controls and documentation procedures.
  • Monitor performance by gathering relevant data and producing statistical reports.
  • Review existing policies and propose changes and improvements.
  • Assess performance, identify areas of weakness, and implement improvements.
  • Provide training, tools, and techniques to achieve quality standards for all staff.
  • Track products throughout the manufacturing process to ensure correctness.
  • Perform detailed inspections of final products to meet industry and company standards.
  • Eliminate non-compliant products and investigate reasons for product problems.

Quality manager qualifications

To become a qualified Quality Manager, a relevant bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement, while a master's degree is essential for future growth. Industry-specific qualifications in fields like engineering, manufacturing, food science, and technology can also be valuable. Professional certification through the CMQ/OE exam from ASQ adds further credibility to your credentials.

Quality manager skills

Besides the qualifications above, these skills are useful for successful quality managers:

  • Familiarity with quality standards and regulations
  • Strong communication and problem-solving skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to lead and motivate a team
  • Results-driven approach
  • Knowledge of quality control procedures and legal standards
  • Bachelor's degree in business administration or relevant field
  • Certification in quality control (e.g., ISO 9000) is advantageous

Additional skills valued in this role:

  • Planning and project management skills
  • Numerical analysis proficiency
  • Appreciation of other disciplines like engineering and science

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