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You are committed to delivering projects that meet the highest quality standards with full legal compliance. But how do you do that safely, on time and on budget, every time? Brunel provides the custom support, international network and local knowledge that your projects need to thrive.

Our talented specialists and experienced teams take care of end-to-end project management, strategic consulting and technical expertise. You benefit from efficient resource allocation, cost optimisation, risk mitigation and streamlined operations. Every process in all our projects is fully compliant with the highest HSE standards. Our client-centric approach and focus on delivering measurable results makes us a trusted partner for achieving project success and driving business growth.

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Project (Performance) Management

Covering the full project cycle – including the planning, organisation and control of all resources and tasks – Brunel’s specialists achieve specified project objectives within defined deadlines and on budget for our clients. The consistent analysis and improvement of key performance indicators underpins and accelerates project success.  > MORE ABOUT PROJECT PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT

Project Risk Assurance

Our PRA service identifies and manages risks to protect and enhance the value of your projects, deliver a positive return on stakeholder investment and drive operational efficiency across project phases. By applying the right processes and specialists, we give you a transparent, panoramic view of all critical risks so that each one can be controlled and mitigated.  > MORE ABOUT PROJECT RISK ASSURANCE

Third Party Vendor Inspection (TPI)

Our global network of local vendor inspectors offers quality surveillance, vendor/source inspection and expediting services including procurement, fabrication, testing, installation, commissioning and transport. This cost-effective package gives you the benefit of guaranteed quality standards for the specified materials and equipment.  > MORE ABOUT THIRD PARTY VENDOR INSPECTION

Commissioning & Start-Up (CSU)

This service delivers the seamless transition from construction to completion of facilities, plans and/or systems. Working with a specialist partner, you benefit from expert planning, efficient systems integration and timely start-up, resulting in less downtime, optimised performance and accelerated completion of safe and risk-free projects.  > MORE ABOUT COMMISSIONING & START-UP

Operational Readiness & Assurance

Our specialists systematically evaluate and prepare a new facility, process or system and assure its operational readiness, making sure that all necessary resources, processes and controls are in place to enable your operational success.  > MORE ABOUT OPERATIONAL READINESS & ASSURANCE

Project Management Offices (PMO)

Our Project Management Offices take care of efficient and successful project execution, be it in our offices or on your premises. Brunel assembles project teams that enhance organisations’ value chains, optimise processes, maximise overall efficiency and provide flexible and tailored solutions to handle capacity peaks.
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Workforce Solutions

Do you sometimes struggle to improve productivity and achieve organisational goals while also optimising your workforce management? Brunel leverages advanced recruitment techniques and strategic workforce planning to streamline talent acquisition and enhance your overall performance...

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Global Mobility Solutions

Have you ever tried to master the complexities of international workforce mobility while solving the logistical nightmare of getting your teams to ten different places? Brunel seamlessly transfers individuals, teams and even whole businesses wherever they are needed – from the next state or region to the farthest corners of the planet...

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