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Whatever project and consulting needs you have, whatever workforce challenges you face, whatever global mobility demands you encounter, Brunel is your trusted partner in all these areas. We ensure punctual, budget-conscious project delivery with full legal compliance. Benefit from our global network of specialists, local knowledge and tailored support. Unlock the potential of forthcoming projects with our customised Project and Consulting Solutions. Optimise workforce management, improve productivity and achieve your organisational goals with our dynamic Workforce Solutions. Seamlessly navigate international workforce mobility with our flexible Global Mobility Solutions.

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Jilko Andringa,

CEO Brunel

Our global network of specialists helps all our clients deliver challenging projects on time by growing and mobilising their workforce. Together, we drive the energy transition and digital transformation while accelerating the business goals of our clients.

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By doing what we do best, we leave you free to focus on what you do best

✔ Flexible, tailormade project and workforce solutions

Access to top talent through a global network of specialists and advanced recruitment techniques

Expertise in international HR, labour regulations and legal requirements

Guaranteed compliance with local/in-country laws, regulations and ISO standards

Our international network sees the global picture and our local teams sort out the details

Outstanding track record covering 45 years and counting

A wealth of industry-specific expertise and experience

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