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As fossil fuel resources decrease and population growth demands innovative ways to create clean energy, the renewable energy industry holds more potential than ever before. In an industry so new and innovative, it can be challenging to find professionals with the specific skills and qualifications needed for your renewable energy project to thrive.


Brunel offers the diverse, global network of professionals you need to create energy that lasts. We deliver them to your project while managing all the details, so you can confidently focus on delivering results, not on recruiting.


To accelerate our position in renewable energy, Brunel joined forces with Taylor Hopkinson, a trusted recruitment partner to the industry’s leaders. By connecting Brunel’s extensive global footprint with Taylor Hopkinson’s deep sector knowledge, network and track record, we can set a new benchmark for service and quality. Our shared vision is to enable a diverse, global workforce that will drive the world’s transition to sustainable energy - vital if we are to deliver on our carbon neutral ambition. 


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In a world where smart and flexible resourcing solutions are key to your business' success, organizations are in constant competition to attract the most talented personnel. Engaging the most efficient resourcing partner is crucial. The employment of the best, not just best available, will optimize your business for success.


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To successfully drive the energy transition on a global scale, we need to attract and retain exceptional talent from closely related industries. A strong recruitment mentality and network from within will be key to identifying the right professionals – whether that’s
experienced specialists, or graduates embarking on their careers, to ensure a sustainable, dynamic future for our field.

Donna Ellcock

Donna Ellcock 

Managing Director – Taylor Hopkinson  

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