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Brunel’s Life Sciences experts specialise in connecting medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, clinical research organisation and food sciences operations with highly-technical roles across commercial excellence, regulatory, quality, medical, engineering, supply chain and other industry-specific disciplines.

Our Life Sciences recruitment solutions provide Brunel’s clients with the best of both worlds – an experienced team of local Asia market specialists, backed by the strength, reach and resources of a truly worldwide organisation. Brunel’s powerful global network, which spans over 40 countries, ensures that we are able to help you access and mobilise niche, hard-to-find Life Sciences talents from anywhere in the world with ease.

Food Sciences and Nutrition
Innovations in food safety, processing, and technology ensure the improvement of nutrition for future generations. Brunel’s specialists focus on sustainability and minimising energy and water usage whilst optimising production chains.

The world depends on pharmaceutical innovations to produce and deliver life-saving and health-sustaining medicines. Brunel supports with research, development, and production of pharmaceuticals and biochemical materials.

Medical Devices
With the advancement of digital technology and AI, the need for ground-breaking medical devices to help aid complex and challenging conditions are also on the rise. Our global specialists are consistently working on innovative devices and software for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes to help improve quality of life.

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Whether you need one crucial skillset or an entire department, Brunel’s specialists can connect you with the expatriate, local national or permanent resident talent your Life Sciences operations’ needs to achieve its objectives. Connect with our Life Sciences Team to find out how Brunel can use our global connections to support you with local resources and tailored services!

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