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Brunel Singapore specialises in connecting Conventional Energy operations with the professional, technical and skilled trade personnel required for a range of settings including remote and hard-to-access sites. Our Oil and Gas specialists deliver upstream, midstream and downstream operations, providing the right expertise for onshore and offshore facilities.

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In a world where smart and flexible resourcing solutions are key to your business' success, organizations are in constant competition to attract the most talented personnel. Engaging the most efficient resourcing partner is crucial. The employment of the best, not just best available, will optimize your business for success.


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Gas projects are currently serving as catalysts for transformation, propelling the world towards a future where the high demand for energy works in closer synergy with the necessity to support the change to a
cleaner and greener planet.

As such, we see the motivation from specialists to work on gas-related projects is higher than in the past.

Stephen Pollock

Director - Asia and Global Driver Conventional Energy

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