It is only because of you


A message of thanks to health care heroes of COVID-19

Tania Sinibaldi
Managing Director – Brunel Australasia
Tania Sinibaldi

An open letter to health workers

The past few weeks have been intense, challenging and unexpected. Now that the initial flurry needed to ensure the ongoing health and safety of our people, and their ability to keep working and generating an income, is in place, I feel that I can finally take a long, deep breath.

We achieved so much, so quickly that it’s hard to take it all in. I’m certain that it couldn’t have been perfect, but looking back, I can’t see how it could have worked out much better.

As it rightly should, it has prompted me to stop, take stock and reflect on the many, many things I have to be thankful for. The good people around me, the supportive people-first attitude of the organisation I work for, the imperfect systems which despite their flaws have sprung into action to alert and advise us of what is to come next, and also the emerging stories of small acts of heroism as people take their own individual stands to remind us that no amount of fear, hardship or uncertainty can snuff out the warmth and kindness which exists within us all.

Sitting here now, I feel buoyed and relieved that we all made it home, and that we can continue to phone and email and video conference one another to make sure that the things which need to happen, still happen, without the need for us to leave. But this doesn’t apply to everyone. There are still many, both nearby and far away, who have chosen to forego much of this safety, in an effort to provide care for others. Medical staff at all levels, from doctors and specialists to nursing staff, emergency responders, pharmacists and even administrators, are consciously, knowingly walking in to some of the riskiest environments they can, each and every time they go to work. When these people walk through the door of their hospital or practice or dispensary, this is the equivalent of a firefighter walking into a burning building.

Their actions are courageous. Their motivations are selfless. Their role is essential. And yet, in so many ways, we take what they do for granted. While I can’t speak for anyone else, I have decided that this simply isn’t not good enough.

I want each and every health and medical worker the world-over to know, that while this time will pass, this illness will pass, and things will be okay – it is only because of you.


 Tania Sinibaldi, Managing Director - Brunel Australasia

About the author

A passionate and emotive leader, Tania Sinibaldi has been overseeing Brunel International N.V.’s operations throughout Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea since September 2019. A strong advocate of lean, grit and a Humanocracy approach, Tania seeks to inspire, empower and equip the people around her to build better businesses and workplaces.

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