Long-term and temporary expertise when and where you need it

From drafting up job descriptions to scanning and vetting potential candidates for your project, we cover every detail to ensure you hire the right consultant for the job – be it a permanent or contract position. Whether you’re looking for white or blue collar, full site manning, individual or group candidates, Brunel can deliver quickly and efficiently.


Whether a strategic hire or a supplement to your organisations growth strategy, Brunel partners with you to thoroughly understand your business and the traits of the perfect candidate for your project.


Global Reach, Local Connections

With a global footprint in over 120 countries, we are able to fully provide access to local industry experts, while ensuring complete compliance with local legislation and business entity requirements. Brunel will help integrate your business to the local economy, covering every aspect of administration so that your team can get to work as soon as possible.

client and recruiter signing agreement

Proven Strategy for Short and Long Term

Besides the selection of talent for the right project, Brunel’s approach focuses on building good relations with these specialists and anticipating future hiring needs of clients. This develops and nurtures a talent pipeline with a long-term view, while responding to short and mid-term demands.


Selection of Candidates

Brunel’s recruitment approach includes selecting suitable candidates for the right positions. Through screening the candidates’ backgrounds, past experiences, references, qualifications and safety profile, Brunel presents the shortlisted candidates for client’s selection. Once the selection has been performed, we will cover areas from pre-employment checks to contract negotiation, on boarding and mobilisation of the candidate.


Transparency of Time Frame

The entire process of scanning of the candidates to hiring depends on the seniority of the position, notice periods and scarcity of the skillset. The timeline of the process will be made known to ensure a smooth recruitment process.

Build your Permanent and Contract Workforce with Brunel

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