Getting your people to where you need them most 

Relocating individuals, families and professionals can be an administrative hassle. With Brunel’s dedicated mobility specialists, every detail of the relocation is covered, eliminating the stress from international assignments. We move individuals smoothly and efficiently while catering to all essentials and legal requirements.


With 120 offices worldwide, Brunel is able to easily network on a global scale – making relocation feel like coming home. 


Detail Oriented 

Our support covers all administrative processes from planning for visas and immigration to travel logistics, accommodation, tenancy management, departure services, local relocation, school search, area information guides, cultural training, language training, furniture, appliance rental, household goods shipment, expense management, group relocation management, policy build and benchmark, global payroll, HR support, recruitment and tax services.



Ensuring Communications is Readily Available, Anytime Anywhere 

We understand that when relocating to a new environment, your people will require immediate responses from local experts due to the unfamiliarity of the location. With Brunel’s global footprint, our services cater to various time zones, ensuring your people receive the assistance they require.


Helping your Team Adapt Quickly 

Employees adjust best to a new environment when they are provided with the required resources to help them adapt. Brunel provides language and cultural training, insights into customs and social cues, integration support and more


Local Experts in 180+ Countries 

With Celsium Powered by Brunel, we have an extensive network of talented consultants worldwide. No matter your relocation, our local experts cut through bureaucracy to streamline the process.


Single Point of Contact 

For the ease of coordination, a single point of contact will be there to guide and support your team throughout the relocation process.


Visa and Mobility Made Easy 

Our Visa and Mobility services effectively manage all aspects of your company’s visa and immigration needs, so that you can focus on your business objectives without challenges.

Mobilise your workforce with Brunel

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