International Oil and Gas jobs

What types of jobs are there in Oil and Gas?

Hundreds of thousands of people are employed in the Oil and Gas industry around the world. They work in a huge variety of jobs covering every stage from discovering new reserves through to delivering fuel to gas stations for you to put in your car.

You could be working in a shipyard building an oil rig or an FPSO. Or maybe you're a Dynamic Positioning Officer making sure the 3rd gen drillship you work on stays in place while it drills above 2,000 metres of water 50 miles offshore.

Perhaps you're a Mechanical Engineer, developing concepts for LNG projects, or building the next generation of petrochemical refinery.

Whatever it is, a career in Oil and Gas is sure to be varied and rewarding.

Jobs in the field of Oil and Gas

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Companies and Projects we work with 

Across all three main areas - upstream, midstream and downstream - we have clients with projects that need to be delivered.

We work with most of the "Supermajors" like Shell, Exxon, Chevron, Eni and Total, as well as a range of other Operators, EPCs and Service Companies; Schlumberger, Novatech, McDermott, Qatar Petroleum, SBM, Neptune and Wood to name a few.

When it comes to projects, you can expect to be involved in the leading examples of exploration, development and transportation of hydrocarbons. Pipeline projects like SouthStream, NordStream, Baltic Pipeline and TAP. LNG projects such as Kitimat, Sabine Pass or Qatar Gas Expansion. 

Through Brunel you could be working on just about every continent, we have clients in Canada, the United States, Brazil, Guyana, Mozambique, Algeria, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Japan, Papua New Guinea and Australia just to name a few.

Get in touch with us today and see what opportunities there could  be for you.

Why work with Brunel?

For nearly 50 years we've been working with companies in Oil and Gas, helping them find the specialists they need to deliver their projects.

We'll help you find the job you want, in the country you want. Whether it's working on rotation as a contractor with all logistics taken care of by us, or helping you & your family relocate to a new country, our team of specialists will be there for you 24/7.

What sets us apart from other recruitment agencies? To be honest, most of them do a lot of the same things, but where we really are different is in the quality of the services we provide to both our clients and our contractors. 

Firefighter job openings

We have dozens op job openings for firefighters. Preferably with Oil and Gas experience, but mining or power plant welcome too.
Relocation to the project site in Kuwait is taken care of by Brunel, as are other job perks like accommodation and food. These jobs are for 2 years, with an option to take longer. There are good benefits. 

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