The Future of Renewable Energy with Brunel

Despite the pandemic, growth in renewable energy is accelerating and will continue to rise in the upcoming decade. Renewable energy sources are predicted to account for more than half of global power production by 2035.

Here at Brunel, we understand that renewable energy is the future. We are dedicated to providing industry-leading recruitment solutions to clean energy projects, supporting the global energy transition.

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Growth in Renewable Energy Investment

The Renewable Energy Sector is fast evolving, and as it grows so does the increased demand for skilled personnel. As we pave the way for the future, thousands of jobs have been created, with projections of these numbers increasing tenfold in the coming decade.

Brunel provides fully integrated project solutions to the renewable sector, and we take pride in working closely with clients to come up with innovative strategies to attract specialists to this new and exciting space.

Team Asia's Service Offerings

Brunel provides a wide range of recruitment and workforce solutions to our clients operating in the Renewable space, helping them grow their regional and local teams across Asia with the following service offerings:

  • Permanent Hire Solutions – We have a proven track record in search and selection of qualified personnel to be hired directly by our clients. Our dedicated team of recruiters are constantly connected to the best talent in the market and can tap on trusted relationships within niche segments to identify talent in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Contracting solutions – Many of our clients are looking for an agile way to enter a new market where they often do not have a local entity. Brunel will compliantly employ and payroll personnel via our local offices until the client has established their own entity. This solution allows our clients to have a local footprint and keep ahead of the competition.
  • Mobility Solutions – With a global network of over 100 offices in 40+ countries, Brunel provides flexible mobility solutions to clients mobilizing people to global projects. We specialize in managing all aspects of an international assignment via our in-house specialists who provide support throughout the full life cycle of a project. Our commitment to compliance in every part of the world also guarantees that you stay well-equipped with knowledge of local customs, expectations, policies, and regulations.
  • Market Insights – Our Renewable Energy team will provide clients with insights into local hiring trends and market intelligence across the region, so they are up to date and connected to this fast-changing industry.

Who Do We Help?

Brunel’s Renewable Energy team support clients across the full value chain of this growing sector including financing, developing, construction and maintaining the below asset types.

Types of Roles We Support

We have a proven track record of helping our clients identify and attract specialists from all functions within the structure of their organisation, from Commercial hires, to Project Finance and Technical professionals. Below are a handful of roles / disciplines that we often help in running successful searches for.

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